Thursday, 24 November 2011


Oh gosh, sleepless nights!
Rye, is a very good sleeper, and if he does wake up before me, he will take him self downstairs to watch a dvd or play a game, he'll even help himself to cereal if he gets hungry.  These days after a while he does come back upstairs, stand beside my bed, pat me on the back, and in a pipingly cute voice ask if, "It's time to get up yet?", which of course is the only thing that saves him from me growling......"NO".  Difficult to be a bear with such cuteness.

So, the odd sleepless nights I do endure, are awful.  Last night was awful.  Rye woke up sweaty and distressed, but still half asleep around 11pmish, stripped him down and cuddled him back to sleep... but for the rest of the night he moaned constantly - but couldn't tell me why.  He thrashed, he moaned some more, and then he'd thrash again.  At one point I was having fantasies of scooping him up and dumping him in his own room. 

It was attack of the zombies this morning.  We were suppose to be at Forest School and I'd offered a lift, the evening before, to another home ed family..... 8am I groggily texted to say we wouldn't make it, and fell back into bed next to a now sleeping, moanless Rye.  Shame really, because whatever ailed him during the night was not in evidence today, and I think he would have really enjoyed the willow weaving at Forest School.  Rye woke a bit before me, and wandered downstairs to watch a Popeye dvd.  There was a brief contemplation of getting up before sleep claimed me again.... and later I woke to Rye piping, "Is it time to get up yet?". 
To which I responded, "It is, or you could come back to bed for cuddles?"  He opted for cuddles.  **melt**
Dr Juice; apple, lemon, ginger, honey and hot water.
 Once finally awake, the plan was to move Rye's new mid sleeper bed upstairs; well I tried, I managed to get it on the first stair... and that's it.  It is simply too heavy for me to try and manhandle up the stairs on my own - plus the box is splitting because it's so heavy.  So there's nothing for it, I will have to take the box apart and take the pieces of bed up stairs, bit by bit.  Joy.  I should have done that then, but buggerit.  I opted to do this with Rye instead:
Initially, there was an ulterior motive; the Mother Magazine arrived just after lunchtime and I fancied a sit down with a cuppa and the mag.  Rye, was Mr Chatterbox though.  Crafting, I craftily thought, and he was enjoying himself, but it was kinda aimless, he said he wanted to make snowmen.  So I gave him a range of snowmen making materials; and while he was enjoying what he was doing, he wasn't achieving what he said he wanted to do.

Not so crafty of me as I laid down on the floor with him and began crafting too, making this little fella;
which led Rye to creating:
and producing this:
This wintery craft has really put me in the seasonal mood too.  Our Yule advent countdown begins on Monday; the mild weather though has fooled me into feeling it's still early Autumn.
Glyerin perserved leaves - preserved a few days ago!
 Our season table is still all Samhain-y.  Normally, a more wintery feel would have begun happening by now. 
Mind it was parky today.  I took Rye over to the park to have a go with this:
Sadly, this is a cheap kite I picked up off ebay; and it's rubbish.  Once I managed to get it to fly, as soon as I tried to show Rye any stunts, the cross bar tore through the fabric.  Shame because he was so excited, and our wee park is just big enough to fly a kite. I see a large stunt kite in our future. :-)  The disappointingly brief flight reminded me how much I use to enjoy flying stunt kites; I'm keen to pass that love onto Rye :-)

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