Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Taaa-Daaaahhh - pot holders and scrubbys.

Ooh I had so much fun making these:

 African flower mandela pot holders, the pattern is from crochet with raymond
 So pretty.  Really enjoyed playing with colours.  I was thinking this reduced down and the hexagon shape kept would make a great blanket too!

 This one is a face cloth.
 And scrubbies.  These are so addictive and simple!  Its simply a circle in which each row you do 2x dc into each stitch, which causes these ruffles.  I'll be making myself one of these!
 Sorry the colours are not right, light was bad when I took the photos, these are a lovely deep purple, bright pink and lime green.
 Rye decorating a candle for his Aunty Jen.
My effort.

Still working on a few makes for people I'll be seeing in a few days.  I didn't get everything I wanted completed, so the task for 2012 is have a box and each month add an item to it for birthday's, Yule etc so I don't run out of time!  Plus I want to make some garlands, and mobiles etc.

Makes to come, I need to finish off the slipper boots for Rye, and I'm about to start the snail he asked for too, which he'll get on his birthday.


arwen_tiw said...

Fab crochet there!!

Rose said...

such a clever mama, I love the scrubbies! Much love x