Saturday, 28 January 2012


Ok, I'm am seriously bonkers, I am organising to date:

Forest school
Kent Life Workshop Day
HE Camping Trip near Deal, Kent.
Ten pin bowling in Ashford, Kent.

Then there's a trip to the Science Museum on 9th February - not real organising for that mind, I've just suggested a time (meet at 11.30am at the museum) and it's up to people to come or not, as they wish.

This, this is why I laugh when people ask me that old chestnut of socialising, or even suggest by not going to school he's missing out........uh-huh.

Add in activities that others are organising.

Peter Pan on Ice
Spring watch
Trip of a windmill
Horse riding

And there's meeting up with friends for Letterland or just for the kids to play.  There's our usual  group meets, Radnor Park, the beach, monthly meets in Hythe YC.  February's theme will be valentines.

Add in I've booked or about to book several camping trips for Rye and me:

GP Camp in June
Peak HE Camp in June
HESFES in July
Mercian Gathering in September

It's really not about "missing out" he's simply having a different experience. 
I, however, am still crazy lol.  I couldn't do it without spreadsheets!  lol


The Barefoot Crofter said...

I didn't realise you had changed the blog name! I wondered who it was - lol. It all looks really busy and great fun. Might need to re-acquaint myself with spreadsheets too. xxx

Rose said...

You prove what HE is about - different choices are just as valid. Well done you, a whirlwind of efficiency.
Blessings x