Friday, 20 January 2012

I love Home Ed!

You know our life is damn good.  It's filled with days like this:

 Crafing, here we are decorating the letter "M".
Mathematics, which he did so easily, and crucially wanted to do.
That keenness for learning is a wonderful thing to behold.

Practising his letters and writing.  Again so keen to do this.  He did struggle with this 3rd worksheet, and he doesn't seem to quite get the idea of what the lines are for.  Later in the day, he got some paper and independently started writing "M" and told me words he thought began with "M"  It's so wonderful to watch him make connections, he's getting better and better at listening for the beginning sound at the beginning of words too.

Building and designing is a big thing at the moment too:
Must pick up another packet of these!
"A MASSIVE aeroplane, Jacqui"

Then before bed he wanted to do both Study Ladder and Reading Eggs.  I snapped this photo because, the day before one of the exercises we did together involved copying a design of a train.  On his developmental assessment it was noted that he was unable to copy a pattern, and instead did it his own way.  So, seeing him copying the train FROM MEMORY here, was very exciting.  It's not exact, the grey square should be at the end of the blue rectangles... but as he was doing this from memory it ain't a bad effort.  He also went on to try and replicate the flower we made too, which was more difficult - again from memory and an excellent effort.  

And then we have days like this:
Our Home Ed group yesterday.  The theme was Chinese New Year and here the kids are making chinese dragons.  There was a bit of a mix up as we should have been in the Youth Centre for this, but there was a problem with the key, so we had to come up with a back up plan quick.  So we invaded a friend's house, lol.

Turned out a lovely day, the kids loved making the dragons, in fact they were to engaged in the activity we didn't get to make the lanterns or play the chopstick game.  
New families joined in and new friends made :-)
A selection of the dagons made. 

Beautiful.  Such a lovely day and the chinese food we shared was delicious; egg fried rice, rice and vegetables, noodles, currypuffs, veg pancake rolls, saesame prawn toast, hoisin chicken, chicken and sweetcorn and veg soup, chili rice crackers, prawn crackers.  YUM.

Aye, I love home education, it's a fine thing :-)


Valerie said...

I would like to home ed, but I just don't think I have the energy to keep the momentum going. Oscar is very much in need of constant company right now and I am finding some days SO tiresome. And yet, the thought of schooling in 2 years time is so scary. I have cancelled 2 nursery place in the last 6 months because they didn't meet my expectations. This parenting lark is hard work is it not.
ps excellent CNY craft, we have some planned for the weekend :)

beckw said...

I agree. It's fab :) Some great stuff going on there hon. Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds so idyllic, I'd have loved to HE, I do enjoy reading all these HE blogs though!! I love that he does things his own way, it's the only way to be!!! Keep up the good work and creating fabulous memories! (We used to be in touch via facebook and The Greenparent!)

Joxy said...

Hey up, lol still not entirely sure who you are, but if you wanna contact me, feel free via the blog or my email

thanks for commenting :-)