Friday, 27 April 2012

Fabulous Friday.

Mmm, what a lovely day.  Pottering getting the kitchen ready for new white goods (dishwasher and fridge freezer), tidying up the garden a bit, well that means sorting out all the garden toys, hanging out laundry - that actually dried! 

Rye painted, helped with various jobs and spent a long time on Reading Eggs, actually doing the lessons, and much to my joy (and a bit of help) "writing" sentences!  Cor that boy is progressing well. 
My alarm sounding to tell me it was time to go and pick up Mindie from nursery, stopped the Reading Eggs marathon.  Once we were back I shooed the kids into the garden to enjoy the sunshine; especially as it's going to be fleeting according to the weather.  (Booo)

After mindie went home Rye convinced me that a trip to the park was necessary, and I'm glad I was persuaded.

Nice to breath the fresh air, and smile at some older boys antics on the monkey bars.  They kindly allowed Rye to play with their orange ball :D

Ahh, life is good.

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arwen_tiw said...

I often feel like that about getting outside. Blah, then aaahhhh. :)