Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hello, Sunshine!

An unexpected delight on Friday - the sun, all day and no rain!
So what did we do?

 The coastal park.  After a busy week of educational trips, I really felt we just need to let our hair down and enjoy the fresh air.  Rye was in utter agreement.
 It was beautiful, the wind was a bit chilly, the sun, however, was lovely and warm, a hint of summer to come, I hope.
 This is where we parked.  I do so love living by the sea!
 I needed to go and pick up mindie, so Rye and his friend I'd brought with us, stayed with a friend, while I nipped through.  While I was gone Rye made the above nest.  He was very proud of it and told me how the top bit is for the big bird and the bottom bit for the babies birds :D
I think he's trying to coax the rather fat squirrel that lives here!

Today there were some showers, but in the main, another beautiful sunny day, not such exciting ventures though, a bit of home time today:
Various crafting, using sharpies on wooden peg dolls and  painting flowers on cardboard coasters
Hide and Seek.  Bless em, one could stand and count to 20,  and the other would "hide" under the camouflage..

A very full and enjoyable week, I confess though I'm looking forward to a nice quiet Sunday!

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arwen_tiw said...

Beautiful, wish I was there!