Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Only a few weeks ago I was confessing to a friend that unschooling was looking awfully like me being a lazy cow and sitting on my backside and just leaving Rye to get on with it.  She admitted it was looking very similar in her family too.  So, we both resolved to be more available and facilitate interests more.

Proof is in the pudding.
And unschooling is beginning to looking much more like I envisaged it;

Monday, for example, it was Gymnastics in the afternoon (Rye engaged beautifully, and he listened well and tried really hard to do what was asked, so proud!), and I take two of said friend's children with me too, this does mean we have a 45 min wait while the older child has her gymnastics session.  So typically I take paper, pens, colouring pads, small games etc with me to keep Rye and the other child amused.
And Rye produced this:

Completely unsolicited.  Up to now he's needed me write his name so he could copy it.  Very exciting this new development.

And today we went to Deal Lifeboat Station for a talk and a look at the boat.  
The weather was atrocious.  Blustery gales and sleet whipping at our faces.  Nonetheless, we trudged onto the shingle beach so we could see exactly the route the lifeboat takes when being launched.  I have to say, it's quite a way from the lifeboat station, so I was most impressed when they said they could launch within 5 minutes if the station is manned and within 10-15 minutes if people have to come from work etc.  Astonishing!   We also learned about a very dangerous sandbank about 8 miles off shore, upon which a number of vessels have been caught out - and worst, this sandbank is also quicksand.
 Gosh it was cold.  These pictures really do not do the weather today justice.  It was so wintry.
Nor does this photo really show how big the waves were and how they crashed against the shingle.  Pretty awesome, the sheer power of nature.  However, we were all glad to hightail it back to the station to the relative warmth and dry, so we didn't stay on the shingle beach very long at all.
 This is the bigger lifeboat, and the vehicle behind it is a re-enforced bulldozer that pushes the life boat into the sea. 
The station was really just big enough for the boat and bulldozer so difficult to get good piccys.  Still the kids seemed to enjoy it.  Shame the weather was so bad because normally the talk is much more comprehensive and the kids do something or other on the beach.   Nonetheless, it was good - and oh my gosh, Rye actually asked questions.  He was a little shy at first, but when his friend started asking questions, he joined in too.  So good to see him engaging.

And tomorrow we are going to see  Willsborough Windmill  a working windmill, so we will, fingers crossed, see grain being milled to make flour.    Should be good, especially as Rye spied a windmill on the way to Deal and was very excited about it, so his face when I told him we were going to look around a windmill tomorrow was a picture.  :D

And Friday, well not definite yet, as I'm not entirely sure where the ~Battle of Britain Museum is, but if not too far away, I might be meeting up with other home edders and we'll go and have a look around there too.

Yes this is definitely much more like I had in mind when I envisaged unschooling.


Fiona said...

It all looks like such an adventure Jacqui, and I love Rye's name :-) I have also added the windmill to our Summer 'places to visit' list, so thanks for the tip. I can't wait to hear what you think about it all.

Ross Mountney said...

Hello, we homeschooled our two and I'm now writing and blogging about it to help support other homeschoolers. I've been checking out their blogs lately and it's lovely to see yours. I just wanted to say, in response to this post, that even if you leave Rye to 'get on with it' he'll still be learning! Enjoy yourselves - I miss it now mine are grown. Best wishes. x