Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Midweek Update.

Yup, still enjoying the sunshine.  I can't even complain about it being too hot, because after the cold dankness of Spring, the sun and heat is very welcome!

Sunday we tidy up quickly and Rye vacced for me:
He's reaching that age where he's becoming more reluctant to help; hoovering tho, is still considered fun :D
Later we met friends in the park for a tea picnic.
Perfect, sat under a tree on a picnic blanket, watching the kids play, chattering with my friend.  Ahh life is good.
Monday, the same friend texted me in the morning to suggest the fountain.  As it was baking hot I readily agreed.
 And look!  The fountain is shooting up high.  I'm assuming it is on a timer because it came on at midday, and another mum there, told me it stops about half five to six o'clock.  Thus our early morning and late evening jaunts had simply been missing the fountain dance.

And then through to gymnastics in the afternoon.  Rye continues to make good progress, his coordination is improving no end.
Tuesday was my birthday treat to myself.  Dreads.  The very lovely fella who did them for me, unfortunately used a method that hasn't worked brilliantly.  He's used a twist method, that from research, seems to work fine with very coarse hair; mine however isn't, so despite him perming it also, the dreads were starting to unravel a bit.  So I took myself to bed with a mirror and a comb..... which I quickly broke the teeth off... hmm.  I think I got the teeth out of my dreads lol.  So, the only other comb available to me was the metal nit comb.  So, I sat for a couple of hours and twisted and back combed the dreads, with some gentle palm rolling, as I found the palm rolling was unraveling the knots I was trying to create.
Still, this morning, looking a tad more hopeful:
 And I have to say I love, love, love 'em.  I wasn't entirely sure at first, after all, I might have decided that dreads didn't suit me, ooh but yeah, love 'em.  They are very soft and loose at the moment, I keep twiddling and back combing, (think I need a new metal comb, not sure the nit comb is working particularly well) to try and get them to knit a bit more.   I'm looking forward to dressing the dreads once they have matted a bit more. 

Rye loves them too, he keeps telling me my hair looks beautiful, and then asking if he can have dreads too.  Mind, he did go off the idea a bit when I told him it would hurt a little because of the pulling and back combing, and that maybe should wait until he was 8 and if he still wanted them then, then I'd do them for him... I can imagine his father's reaction already! lol.

Even mindie loved them, and kept telling me she liked my hair.

T'is weird, the dreads make me feel very wild powerful woman, and I feel so confident and strong.  Unknown for me, I was even dancing and singing in the kitchen while making the kids tea!

If dreads does this for me... I wonder what a tat would?  hehehe.

And the kids today?  Garden play:

Dens, hiding places, bridges, chairs.... those waffles are proving a good investment :D

And as the children play, and I sit and crochet, our green man watches over us:
And in 3 sleeps..... camping!  Woohooo!


arwen_tiw said...

Love the dreads! Awesome!

Rose said...

Dreads rock. They do make you feel powerful in a different way, quite earthy. Mine are a ten year vintage now, when I started them there was lots of back combing and lots of beeswax involved ... and later I used a crochet hook to tighten them up and whip in those loose nappy hairs - you have loads of hooks I'm certain so look up the crochet hook method on the net and you're dreads will be tight and knotty in no time. Enjoy them! Oh and remember - it's a myth they don't like being washed - the more you wash them the tighter they knot - salt water especially so the sea is great :)

Much love x

Karina said...

Your dreads look great, they suit you so much!