Friday, 15 June 2012

Time flies

A week of almost quarantine, I don't think we were exposed to hand foot and mouth
But closed the setting just in case. A quiet yet busy week all the same. Gymnastics, a successful home ed group day, enjoying being home, planning our next camping trip and, unfortunately a strained muscle in my hip which is agony. Somehow did that sitting on my bed; giving me a mother of all sciatica pain, but when sat, once I manage to get up its not too bad. Very annoying as I had plans today but now having to stay home and try to do what I need to gingerly.

Making pizza for lunch at home ed group

Lunch, the pizzas were lovely

The ever popular trampoline

My dreads are coming along wonderfully too, I have spent many hours palm rolling, back combing and crocheting.

This side is done, just a few on the other side to complete.


arwen_tiw said...

WOAH! Good work on the dreads mama! And did I spy cake on that groaning table at home ed group? Mind, you had me at "pizza"!

Joxy said...

Yup, it was one of the boys' birthday, mum made an incredible cake. Ooh and cinnamon rolls, heavenly mmmm

Woolly Wanderer said...

Dread are looking good. Are you hoping to add some beads aswell?

Hope the awful sciatica pain has eased, totally understand and sympathise.

San x

Laura said...

Dreads are looking great! :) Hope you are feeling better soon x

Bernardeena said...

The dreads look fab, I need to build on the courage to do this myself.