Sunday, 12 August 2012


Life is a little rubbish at the moment. But I don't want to talk about that, so instead here's a selection of photos from the past week or so.

Cute, eh? Almost makes up for the bed hogging.

Yummy smoothies, although I have also eaten a lot of rubbish lately- with predictable results, heavier than before and back agony. Moving on.

Wow he cheats like a trooper!

First attempt at instant ice cream. Made this in the vitamix; frozen banana, frozen fresh strawberries, vanilla extract and some milk. It was made in about 30 seconds. Alas, Rye said he didn't like it because the ICE cream was too cold... Kids!

Maiya's memorial celebration, at Lathe Barn, a kiddy outdoor play area with petting animals. We ate a lot of pink food, made bracelets, talked and watched the kids play. All in all, a pleasant, if sad day.

I have joined a couple of yarn clubs. This is the mini skein one. This is the second lot. Gorgeous colours, and the wool is so, so soft. Haven't settled yet on what I'll use the yarn for.

Rye, hoovering for me. He did a pretty decent job too.

Rye's reading is progressing well, he can almost read this book himself now. He then asked for a more advanced book in the system. I began to explain that he HAD to read the books in order... Then I wondered why, listening to me read him the story wouldn't impact adversely, his interest is what mattered, so we read the book, Rye reading the words he knows, and then discussing the story with me,
"do you know any other dragon stories, Rye?"
"ok, well why don't you pretend you have a pet dragon, and at night you climb on it's back and go flying."
"oh, yes. I fly very high and fall off."
"oh, no. What happens then?"
"my dragon flies down."
"ooh, then what happens?"
"it blows flames"

Rye was very excited at the thought of a dragon breathing flames on him - strange boy!

A car boot find. Much loved as this mama's heart aches at the largely neglected beautiful wooden toys.

Mix bag few weeks

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Woolly Wanderer said...

Aw Joxy sending you a hug.

Totally sympathise especially with the pain issue, i've been in constant pain for months now all down my spine and in my knees and ankles.

Thinking of you lovely lass.

San xx

Bernardeena said...

I hope life improves for you soon. I will have to try the instant ice cream, sounds like a great idea.

Valerie said...

Sigh, ditto on the eating rubbish, getting heavier and back killing me. Its pants isn't it lol.