Saturday, 25 August 2012

Just So Festival.

Wow taken me a few days to get around to this.
In all honesty, the festival took a hell of a lot out of me.  I took a massive amount of painkillers (codine, ibruphren, paracetamol), just to get through the days and be able to walk around, which resulted in even more pain when I stopped the painkillers on Monday, (it was a long drive home and I didn't want to risk been impaired).  The walk to get the car from the parking area, was excruciating.

Moving on.

The festival was brilliant, I thoroughly recommend it.  It was expensive at £85 per adult and £35 per child; but for 3 nights camping and the sheer amount of activities and performances, it was more than worth it.   It truly was magical.

 Exploring the various areas, which had fantastic names like; Lazy Days, Away with the Fairies, Wild Things etc.

 Lazy days.

 Yes that is toilet!

 The tent was a big hit with one of Cassie's boys.  It was a science experiments tent, Rye did a few, but he wasn't as interested.  Cassie and I, however were given loads of cards with easy experiments to do at home with the kids.  The fella thought it was great that we were home educators.

 Away with the fairies.  Rye wasn't interested in the fairy queen, he just wanted to explore.,

 The story tellers were great.  This guy rode round on his bike, and if you spoke to him, he would stop and tell stories.  There was another story teller who told the kids stories while we were waiting for food.
 Various bands on bikes, and the kids were encouraged to go and fiddle with knobs and leavers, it was great!
 Making a paper lantern for the Parade.
 The Gruffalo.  Rye was awestruck initially.  Unfortunately, he heard the guy inside the suit speak.  Rye quickly cottoned on that it was just a suit and not a real gruffalo.  Nonetheless, he still loved the Gruffalo and kept a respectful distance lol.
 Ooh the first evening the sunset was awesome.
 The fire dancing was great, we watch it both nights and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Sunday night was prehaps the better night, especially, as Cassies kids kept baiting the pirate walking along the audience, shouting that he wasn't a pirate.  So he kept coming back and bantering with them.. eventually all the kids around us were shouting he wasn't a pirate.
"Well, well, you're not children!" he retorted.  Hehehe.
 Cool dude. 
It did rain a lot on Sunday, so we did spend most of the morning in the tents, and ventured out in the afternoon.  We still got very wet, but eventually the rain dried up and sun came out, so the day ended with blue skies and sunshine.
 Making dragon flies in the Wild Things area.
 Musical instruments were dotted around and the kids could just go and bang away to their hearts content.
 The dragon was amazing!
 One of the food areas.  It was raining here and we were all soaked.
 Very impressed, Rye moved onto using a smaller one, and he practiced and practiced, until he could ride it across the grass.
 The circus skills tent was a big hit.

 All the kids were great around the noise, in Footloose, the bands were very loud; yet the kids sat and ate their dinner, while Cassie and I enjoyed the odd cider, and listening to the music.  Cassie and Cameron even went for a boogie!
 Hehehehe, Rye duelling with his bubble sword with the pirates.  It was so hilarious!  Shame we didn't make it to the Pirate Training area, alas I simply couldn't manage it.  Rye did go down with Cassie and her boys, but they went for the stone balancing and to see the Whale caravan etc.
The finale of the fire dancing on Sunday evening.

I would love to go back, although I am debating it, as it was a very long journey, it was suppose to be four and half hours long; but with traffic it was over 6 hours both ways.  Truly though, if you're able to go, do.  It was amazingly magical.

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The Yarn Owl said...

Wow, looks amazing! We had thought about going this year but decided to wait until DD is a bit older, hopefully next year!