Sunday, 11 November 2012

Christmas fayre

I'm doing a Christmas fayre with a couple if friends, and it's on the 1st December, so the hooks have been smoking.
I don't normally hook to sell, I do it for pleasure not money; still, I have to say I'm enjoying hooking these wee Yule decorations;
There's these wee baubles, which actually are the most time consuming;

I confess I've only done 3 so far.
I much prefer this sweet wee snow flake pattern: (must get Lucy's permission to sell- note to self)

It flies off the hook,
I've made a colourful garland;

(Yes it still needs blocking and the flakes stiffened)
I have another pile ready to block then I'll turn them into another garland:

Then I have individual ones that
are destined to become hanging decorations:

And tonight I've just tried out another pattern;

This is a cute pattern called Mini Motif Stocking by Doris Chan and is available as a ravelry free download. I added the bells myself, really finishes this little stocking off!
I also plan to make some simple snowmen using the small cotton baubles, and just crocheting a scarf and hat.
I am very glad I'm doing this with a few friends, it would be a trial to try and produce enough stock to fill a table on my own, especially in such a short time! The other two are self employed so its their livelihood, so they are a bit more prepared than me, whereas I'll be happy to make and sell enough for a yarn order.
I did a while back set up a Facebook page with the intention of offering items for sale, I think anything left over I might pop on the page.
Anyway, bed time

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