Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Wheel Turns - Yule.

A beautiful Yule was had.  The eve saw me finishing off gifts for a friend's children, and a wee spell of healing for another friend.  Phew the energy, took me a while to come down from it.  Can you feel it; it's palatable on my skin, it feels like little explosions of fireworks tingling all up and down me. 

Afterwards, the spirit of the Winter King game upon me, and the wrapping commenced, and the filling of stocking.  Then wearily I clambered into bed for sleep.  The energy of the turning wheel invaded my sleep turning it restless.  So when a certain young man appeared at the foot of my bed, all excited and jiggly, I had to bite back a groan. 

Matchsticks may have been needed, but what mama can be grumpy in face of such joy?

 He played for a bit with his stocking gifts, and I watched the sun gaining strength.  The light perfect for the Mid Winter Solstice, a pale lemony, with a tinge of orange; a slight haze; the sun risen, but not at full strength yet.  Still, bringing the anticipation of Spring; even thought there is a wee while to go yet.

Then downstairs; the Yule candle lit and over awed exclamations when Rye saw the tree;

 I adore that Rye will take time to look at gifts before opening another.  He was captivated by this train book for a long time!
 The lure of big boxes under the tree was too much; and oh my gosh the squeals.
Eventually the lure of another big box, encouraged Rye to put the Duplo Jet down and.... Zoobs!

Bless him, these were his main gift; but between them and the Jet, the Jet wins!    That's ok tho, cos mama had fun playing;

 I'm stunned too; that spider man outfit is from the Mama of the little girl I mind, (Yes, present tense, her mum asked if I could have her again all day Fridays and Saturday mornings come January - Rye is very pleased!), and is a size 8-9 year old.... and it fits him nicely!  He's not even 6yrs old yet!!!
 The same mama got me this book; what a treat!  Yesterday was so busy I only had chance to flick through; today in between board games, looking at videos and pictures Rye takes with his camera etc, I will be sitting down with a cuppa and having a good thumb through!
 Skateboard from his Guardians.  Its small, very cute though, and Rye loves it.
 The fake wood.  There are instructions to make a car, tool box etc; but Rye just wanted to cut.  I'm rather disappointed I thought the "wood" would have wood grain; but it's just brown pieces of plastic.  Still he's enjoyed playing, and excellent for his fine motor skills!
 Breakfast!   Well, actually, the gift opening took so long; it became lunch!  Pancakes mmm, gotta have pancakes on a Solstice!
 And squirty cream is mandatory!
The rest of the afternoon was play, and Rye taking lots of photos and movies with his new camera.  Soon it was time to make moves and go to our friend's house for the FEAST.   

Arrived to much excitement from Cassie's kids and delicious smells of the FEAST. 
 Gifts were exchanged, O loved the Rapunzel hat; gosh it looked so cute on him :-)  C loved the flower hair band and the clips; though I was gutted that the flowers came off the clips so quickly.  I'd hot glued them on; shall sew and glue next time!
 THE FEAST!   And gosh what a feast it was.  Yum, yum, yum.  
 Rye particularly loved the pork crackling.  And ate loads of it :D
 And then look who arrived!  Santa on his sledge.  The kids quickly donned shoes and raced out and followed Santa as he went around the house.  Such excitement... and a fantastic Santa float; now this was more what I had in mind when we waited for the Rotary Club Santa the other day.    The kids came back all starry eyed and of course, terribly over excited :D

And we ended with a game of junior monoply........... which went on, and on, and on... lol suppose to only last 20 minutes!   Cassie and I began to get very competitive, good naturedly of course, it was hilarious; in fact I suspect we had more fun than the kids.  

I had planned, once home, to enjoy a tipple and pop outside to toast the stars; honestly tho, I was so shattered I ushered Rye upstairs and into his bed, kissed him good night and fell into my own bed.

It was a fantastic day, and lovely to share with another family.  
I'm hoping to return the hosting next year, and have our friends over to my house.  :-)

I hope you all had a lovely Solstice, and many wishes for a Merry Christmas :D


arwen_tiw said...

His happy face!! :) Lovely!

Liz said...

That sounds like a lovely day and the pancakes look lush!

Bernardeena said...

Sounds like an absolutely fantastic day

Joxy said...

Thank you, we did have a wonderful time!

The Barefoot Crofter said...

What a fab day - glad you all had such fun xx