Sunday, 20 January 2013

And more snow.

This morning I was woken by a very excited boy shouting, "Mummy it's snowing", and haranguing me to get up out of bed.  Rye spent most of the morning playing outside.  I even allowed him to go to the park on his own; this is our local park, literally 10-20 second walk from my front door, and I can see much of the park from my window.  I think he enjoyed the freedom; did feel very weird though.

Just as I was planning to go out with him, this happened;
Yes he's asleep.  He slept for a good 30 or so minutes.  I think he would have slept longer if he wasn't so desperate to get out in the snow again, and this time with me for company.

snow fight, snow angels, attempts at snowmen (snow a bit too fine and powdery). We even went for a walk around the estate :-)  It's been snowing all day, so we now have about 5 or 6 cm of snow; not an inconsiderable amount for East Kent - and been so near the coast too.

After the walk I came in doors to warm up; Rye stayed outside.
Cackling manically as he threw snowballs at the window.  Crazy boy!
 Once inside, warmed with hot chocolate, again, he snuggled up on the sofa with me.  Love this picture, it reminds me, for all he's a tall lad; he is very young and my baby :-)
 Tea was a lovely cottage pie and yorkshire pud... yes the juicing went by te wayside today and I imbued a little.   So back to it  properly tomorrow!

And nighttime snowball fight.  I'd told Rye we'd have one earlier in the day; I did regret it; tired and not really wanting to go out again, I did try to resist him when implored.  The gut wrenching look of disappointment on his face when I suggested we go out tomorrow, sealed the deal.  Out we went.  And I'm glad I went, it was a giggle.  Half hour was enough tho..brrrrr... Rye obviously stayed out a little bit longer; trying to make a snow man - alas the snow has gone very powdery; but he had fun.  He's now in the bath, tummy full with another hot chocolate :-)

It's been a lovely day.

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Valerie said...

Hiya, we have had LOADS of wet snow or hail-snow but nothing is lying so far, which may be a blessing since Daddy forgot a small boys sledge and left it in the garage of the old house when we moved :S