Saturday, 19 January 2013

Well, Finally!

We have waited for snow ALL week, watching eagerly forecasts and each night Rye has wished for snow.
As snow wasn't forthcoming initially, Rye requested snowman biscuits.  Rye loves using the Kenwood, as you can see, it's been a while since I last baked with it and used the wrong attachment...oooops.    Still job done and the biscuits, which were eaten super fast, were a hit.

One of Rye's presents from his Grandad was a rocket launcher - after nearly destroying my lounge and poor plants, I banned it, which necessitated freezingly cold trips to the park:
 He had great fun; and cor it really can get pretty high!
Brrrrrr, took my a while to convince Rye it was time to go back home!
A book I was waiting for before Yule, finally arrived :-)  Love, love this book; absolutely beautiful lacey leaves and flowers.  A day or so later another book I've been waiting for arrived too;
Margaret Hubert is a very talented lady and a Master freeformer; looking through the book, there are some really lovely clothe items; I wouldn't necessarily make them, but it does sure give me plenty of ideas for my own projects.
And back to the snow theme, I thought I better knock up Rye another pair of mittens:
There's been lots of watching Little Bear, a saccharine sweet cartoon which Rye seems to adore and is asking to watch a LOT!   I told Rye while I don't mind him watching netflix, I would like to punctuate the mindless crap with some more educational programmes.  So I put on David Attenborough's Africa.  WOW.  Rye was sulking a bit, so he watched some begrudgingly; I however, was spell bound!
I am also in the middle, so to speak, of a 100 day juice feast.  Day 13 now; 100 days of juices and "joup"  (juice ingredients blended in the vitamix until warmed and thick - basically a soup).  Although today I ate my juice ingredients, and a sweet mincemeat muffin may have slipped into my mouth.    Ooops must be super good tomorrow as Monday is weigh in day!

Anyhoos.  Yesterday I was sulking; all over facebook my friends were posting lovely photos of deep snow; and blumming Folkestone stayed stubbornly snowfree. 
Then about 7pmish last night it started to snow; it was still snowing when I went to bed at 11.30pm.  Small flakes; but snow nonetheless.   And woohoo we woke to this:

About 3 cm, just enough for snow fun and sledding.
Snow covered trampolining with mindee.  She is the little girl I use to mind before; these days she comes on a Friday all day and Saturday morning.
The kids had a great time sledding.  I froze.  The wind was bitterly cold!
He did ever so well pulling C back.  I was surprised just how far he managed to do it!  Then once home hot chocolate, beans on toast followed by muffins; and then goodbye to C until Friday. 

Rye snuggled down and watched... yes, Little bear, and I cocooned myself under blankets trying to warm up and fell asleep!  

Well, better go, Rye wants to read the Penguin book again and then it's his bedtime; and oooh I think an audio book and crochet is in order :-) 

And tomorrow the snow anticipation begins all over again; as we are suppose to get quite a bit more......

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