Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ginny's yarn along & bits and bobs.

Gosh what a busy week. Hooky delights is doing well, I'm taking a couple of orders most weeks, and it's rather gratifying to receive such lovely comments regarding my work. And of course, these lovely orders are keeping me in pennies for juices. Lost focus a bit this week, all new fresh fruit and veg bought now so back to the juices with renewed commitment.

I have been working on orders, finishing the granny heart bunting - the cutting out of the felt letters is giving me some gip - may have to go out and buy felt letters instead, just not happy with my own.

The Japanese flowers are popular, I have another two orders for garlands. Frustratingly I'm waiting on an order of yarn so I can complete a customer's order.

And then I have a couple of blanket orders, and quite a lot of interested queries. Apart from baby blankets / dolly blankets, I have closed the order book for large blankets until April.

In between crochet, childminding, home educating and general day to day chores, I have also been reading Moods of Motherhood by Lucy Pearce, which I'm enjoying. I also have a book of English fairy tales on the go, and a book by a hereditary witch. Rye and I is reading the fourth Bob book, Mac, he is coming along well and really beginning to hear the letter sounds in words - tho Rye still has a tendency to guess.

Ok, tea time, then chores. I have a parent interview on Friday - it's an as and when contract; could do with a more regular client, but the lady is local, which has the benefit of potential customers through recommendation, she is also a tutor, so may be in the future we could trade minding for tutoring for Rye; something to think about if its something he's interested in.

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nutshell house said...

Just a little comment on Rye's reading, or rather your comment on Rye's reading. Joe is the same age and really getting into reading now. When I read the comments teachers have written in his school book they are complimentary of 'guessing' the words. It is all part of the reading process apparently. I love hearing Joe learn to read.