Monday, 11 February 2013

More snow.

Yup, we've been graced with more snow - much to my surprise as most of yesterday it was very wet sleet; but towards the evening it turned to snow and by 9ish it was most definitely settling, much to the excitement of Rye.

So today has naturally involved lots of snow play - he's played in the back garden, jumping on the trampoline, riding his scooter in the snow; then he asked to play in the front garden and made a couple of wee snowmen.

 And naturally we had to go sledging.  Apart from another family, we were the only ones out.
 Rye made me laugh, as he rode the sled he shouted, "HO HO HO". 
Climbing back up the slope proved slippy work.

The snow caught me a bit unawares; the past week its been very cold sure, yet beautiful sunny days; that fools the unwary into thinking the warmth of spring has arrived and go out with only a cardy on.... brrrrrrrr.
 We've spent a fair bit of time at the park; Rye riding around, and playing on the various apparatus.  Often we are the only one's braving the cold weather.

 The sea gulls made me giggle; initially I thought they were cold; they were hopping from foot to foot; and then I realised that they were actually trying to get insects/worms to come to the surface so they could eat them.  The ingenuity of nature constantly amazes me.
There have been chats this week about what it means to be Pagan.  Until he chooses otherwise, if he chooses otherwise, I'm raising him Pagan.  So we've chatted about being pagan, our ethics, our responsibility for ourselves, the earth and each other.  I teased him and told him that we could fly - and we can.... in our minds.  Naturally he wants to try - I'll take him on a journey; learning to quiet his mind will be good for my boy - his mind is so often a whirling tornado of thoughts.   Celebrating the festivals with him is that little bit more exciting tis year too; he's that bit older, bit more attention, bit more able to understand, participate.  Wonderful stuff. 

And well, naturally all that talk of flying was bound to end up in his play:

"Look mum, I'm Iron man and I can FLY".


Rose said...

we have these chats too and until they choose otherwise I also raising mine pagan. They love learning more and more about the festivals and having them more involved means I am thinking more creatively about them too. Its a wonderful journey of course I secretly hope they'll enjoy walking the path a long long time but I'm enjoying their company on it whilst I have it. Much love and light X

Becks said...

We raise our littlies as openly as we can in the hope they have all the freedom they need to choose the right path for them :)
Loving the snow pics, we keep getting told its going to snow more but they keep being wrong....


Jessica said...

Love all your snow pictures! We are in the middle of heat here so im living through the photos from the north:)Just when you think its going to be the last of the heat it comes back for another go:)