Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Keep smiling.

Frustratingly a parent let me down today and did not show for the child care interview.

It's something I have come to expect, nonetheless it annoys, basic manners alone dictate at least a text message to cancel the meeting. I can only assume the universe has something better for me, so keep smiling.

Bonus, the lounge is very neat and tidy. This has encouraged Rye to play with toys he hasn't for a long time. So cute watching my boy setting up a tea party for his imaginary friends:

Afterwards he used the laptop to access reading eggs, I'm really impressed at how he's come on with his phonetics.

Later we went to the park for a bit. I'm trying to ensure we go outdoors for at least an hour everyday. Tomorrow will be easy, I'm meeting a friend at the Coastal park, and Thursday is nature group.

It's turning colder here and there is prediction for snow - if it comes it will mean further opportunity for sledding. Rye is flapping, and throwing himself around a lot, sure sign he's not getting enough exercise.

The silliness bugs me. Why? Not entirely sure, it's just hard work to try and have conversation when he's flappy, silly and talking in a falsely high pitched tone. Run some of that energy off and he's calmer. Still, I think I need to embrace this silly a little bit more, and remember its also a part of his exploration of comedy and give him outlets for it.

Hmm, need to have a think how I can do that.

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Rose said...

I battle with silly and flapping a lot - I think I need to pick my battles better! What when they are too old for silly and flapping ... we will miss it. Much love X