Saturday, 9 March 2013

9 months old.

9 months.  Wow.  It's been a frustrating, love hate relationship.  There's been times when I've sat in front of the mirror and head my held, wondering what the hell I was thinking!  Dreads aren't a flash in the pan hair do; it's a major change and a long term one at that.  The dreads looked fuzzy, messy and I would look longingly at photos of people with beautiful smooth looking dreads.... eventually I realised the difference between those photos and my dreads, is simply mine aren't mature yet.  Getting there, sure, but still a ways.  I can see improvement though; starting to get that smooth matted look - yes I have a lot of loose, fuzzy hair too; I did spend a while crocheting it in, but as my hair grows so fast - see those bands half way up, that's 9 months of hair growth, it felt like I'd only just finished crocheting in loose hairs before I needed to do it again.    While the fuzziness bothered me, I'm too lazy to be arsed with all that; so mostly I wore head scarves/bands, and I kept my hair up mostly.

 Look at those silver streaks at the side, how I wish my dreads were that colour!  Seriously, seriously might brush a few of the front dreads out.  Like the idea of having silver hair at the front.
 The dreads at the back are pretty dark, with some blond and grey mixed in, giving them a rather realistic tarantula legs look.  I confess I've jumped and squealed a few times first thing on a morn, when I've just caught sight of myself in the mirror.. especially when I've plaited and piled the dreads on top of my head, and through the night have turned into this:

 Rye took these photos of the back of my head.  Very pleased how the locks are coming along.  LOL I hadn't realised just how many beads, bits of ribbon etc I had in my hair, I do of course plan to add more.  The big surprise is how long!  Wow.

Definitely starting to look like proper dreads :-)

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Rose said...

Soon after I started dreading my hair 12 years ago I was told I should never compare my dreads to anyone elses, because like children they are so unique to each one of us who puts them in .... this is something I remembered right the way through my journey with them and I loved them for being individually mine. I would say for two years they were regular work and after that they were ready before I was each and every day. I loved the way they matured, changed shape and place, joined, split, thickened, matted until last week after 12 years I hacked them off. And what I found is that they were no lesser dreads than any formed in afro hair, they truly had evolved. ENJOY them even when they frustrate you (just like kids!) 9 months is so very young in dread years, in time they will become more what you imagine. One tip for quicker matting and maturing is to wash them often, specially in the sea or salt water. but wash them often ... it is like felting wool! Enjoy the ride Jacqui. Much love X rose X