Saturday, 23 March 2013

Ah feck off snow.

I didn't think there would be a time I would ever begrudge snow; generally I adore the stuff.

And I know here in Kent we've had a fraction of what our neighbours to the North have had; nonetheless the cold, the dankness, the constant grey and murky weather, with the finger numbing biting nip.  I am salivating at the thought of warm spring days, and long warm summer days to follow... sitting in the garden, playing, hooking, bbqs and impromptu social gatherings...

It all feels like it will never come and the evil Winter Queen has taken over and caused a never ending winter.
So cold :-(

There have of course been highlights:
 Crochet Pentacle hanging decorations for my Facebook and Etsy Page... plus a friend is going to take a selection and pop them in her real shop, The Village Witch and on her online shop too :-)  Excited about that!
 Another order, a baby blanket, that initially I was not happy with, and had to stop and look at the colours and tones again.     I am quite stunned how many sales I've had - and that I am consistently receiving them.. today I've two orders through my Etsy shop; one destined for Australia!

 In between trying to maintain a hooking/minding/home educating balance - there's been just fun too - ok, nothing is "just" fun - Rye is learning to skate board - fantastic for a boy who leaps around, falls down deliberately etc, as it's calming his crazy a bit; and he's having to concentrate and if he wants to succeed NOT deliberately throw himself on the floor.

 Doing pretty well.  We didn't stay out long though - familiar story, too flipping cold!

 Thursday was Nature Group at Kings North Gardens.  Select few of hardy souls turned up.  Kids had a fab time.  I printed a simple game off the RSPCA site on the life cycle of frog spawn, and the kids played the game.  We saw frog spawn, some looked like it might survive - other spawn was clearly dead :-(
The kids found some hidey holes in the foliage and hedges around the gardens and played for hours... alas again, that cold.  By 2pm the adults, in particular were frozen to the bone... and much to my surprise Rye actually cried when I said it was time to go home.  He didn't shout and scream; he rather comically pouted with his bottom lip, and a few sad tears rolled down his face.  Not even knowing we were going to our friend's house cheered him up; it took quite a bit of jollying to remove the sad, along with promises we will visit Kings North again soon.
 And this morning, upon waking, it was flipping snowing again.  Unlike further up the country, there was only a wee bit of snow; and it soon turned to rain.  Bitterly, bitterly cold, which put paid to the walk along the seafront I had planned with Rye and my minded child, that I have on a Saturday morning.  Instead, jigsaw puzzles came out...and, golly me, my poor ears.. musical instruments... please, please, let the warm spring in!
Ding! Went my phone, and I was reminded that today was a village Easter Party, we'd been invited to.  I very nearly didn't go; but I had mentioned it and Rye was keen.. so off we trotted.

Rye decorated an egg, he played a few games; however it was noisy, there wasn't really anyone we knew there, and he was clearly feeling a little intimidated by the number of strange adults and children in the hall... so we slipped out and went to the park opposite for half hour, back in time for the easter card hunt... which sadly had to be held indoors because of the weather.  Rye, bless him, did not understand at all, that collecting the picture cards off the walls was the hunt; he just kept asking when the egg hunt would be.
He did receive a very nice chocolate bunny, so happy with that.  When did my boy get so wise though.... the Easter Bunny gave him the chocolate bunny, "That wasn't the Easter Bunny, mum, just someone dressed up." he told me.

Ah, sweetie, when did you get so grown up?


Rose said...

yes it is getting a bit Narnia isn't it! Lovely pics of Rye on the board - a rite of passage for every little boy. Loving your crochet work as always mama. much love X

Jacqui Futers said...

Thanks Hun