Saturday, 16 March 2013

Dangerous Yarn Adventures!

 By Thursday most of the snow had melted.  Thursday is Home Ed Group day and we had decided to go to Kidz Planet and I offered to drive over and give a friend a lift... she's only 15 min drive away..... and look; some of the snow was higher than the car!  Haven't seen it like this since I was a kid living in Yorkshire!

 Ahhhh crochet, how I love you.  Above is a baby blanket I'm making for a GP mama, to gift her sister.  Ambivalence has dogged me so far, I initially started using a deep strong teal and a strong dark green.  I wasn't feeling it; that was frogged, I re looked at my colours and chose the above colours; but felt there wasn't balance, I've since picked up a few more greens; a soft green and a lovely soft lime green, which should compliment the above scheme nicely and provide more balance :-)

The owl wall hanging was finished and posted.  I must ask the recipient to take a photo, weather has been so rubbish here and the light so dark, I wasn't able to get a decent photo.  Pleased how it turned out.  I think single motifs on the corner of baby blankets would look lovely too!  I've also been comissioned to make a purse out of these motfis.  Bit of a new challenge for me; adding a zip - not something I've done before.  I really wish I could get one of those sharp crochet hooks, specifically for crocheting onto fabric, that would make life sooooooo much easier - actually my small hooks might be sharp enough to poke through...hmmm will test.  I do love the creative process; being inspired, sketching ideas, adding colours, textures, working out stitch patterns if not using an existing pattern... fun, fun, fun!

Another make was sent out; I'll let you go and have a look on my Etsy page if interested; it was a stripey willy warmer; gosh, I had a giggle fest taking photos; laughing so hard, tears ran down my face!

Oooh and a tale I have for this yarn!  Last September a client gave me a voucher for £20 for a LYS, as a thank you for minding her daughter.  Today, I found it, I'd completely forgotten about it, I needed greens for the baby blanket (yes, those greens; lovely yarn, it's by KingCole, called Comfort, and acrylic/nylon mix - very soft and scrummy), so ideal, and well, while there I decided to treat myself - I love James C Brett Marble Chunky, and the red yarn, is a actually a weird almost fillet crochet ribbon; looking forward to experimenting with it for my freeform projects.

The tale?  Heart stopping - almost literally for me!  The yarn shop I went to is in Dover, and the drive from here to there was wet and very windy, the car was buffeted a fair bit.  On the way back, half way home, this object, out of nowhere was flying straight toward my  head, I ducked, as you do - not that it would have mattered of course had it hit the windscreen.  Phew, thankfully it didn't; but it did hit the roofbox with an almighty thud.  Very proud, I kept my cool and not a swerve in sight.....  pounding heart, stomach in mouth.. but otherwise ok.

Initially, I thought it was a seagull, but the thud I heard had a metalic sound.  Heart sank back down into my chest as it dawned on me.. the wind had blown the grill off the front of the car - and that is why it suddenly appeared from nowhere. Thank goodness no other cars were behind me; it could have caused an accident.  I am very unhappy, you may remember, the grill fell off 24hrs after I purchased the car, and I had a bit of wrangling with the dealership to get them to replace it.....  that it's come off again, has made me an unhappy bunny.  I've now had the nearly a year though, and of course the grill isn't covered by the warranty... isn't that typical.  I shall be writing to Vauxhall and declaring my unhappy bunnyiness!  In the meantime, Zaffy is a bit naked at the front :-(  Poor love.

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