Monday, 11 March 2013

Catch up.

Cor, has been a wee while since I blogged about our lives, eh. 
Life, is busy and the usual symphony of love, laughter, fun, joy, anxiety, worry, fear.  On the whole the fun and laughter win out mostly.

New moon today though, so I'm letting go of nagging worries, I'll continue promoting my business, but no more worry; what will be, will be :-)

So, what have we been up to?

We attended the Cheriton Light Festival put on by the arts company, Strange Cargo.  It was a bitterly chilly night, but wow the firework display was one of the best I've seen for quite a few years, and the burning Phoenix bonfire was pretty good too.

We've visited friends, being out and about, I've done lots and lots of crochet, filling orders and posting them off.

This is a snood an old friend commissioned.  Really, really like, I shall be hooking myself one at some point, for next winter - it's soooooooo warm and snuggly - and this one is made from premium acyrlic!  I reckon it could even be worn as a shawl too!
Another friend commissioned an owl wall hanging, this is one of the motifs:
Really love this pattern.  I have so many ideas for these gorgeously colourful wee owls. 
And another commission for a japanse flower motif garland:
I've was also ill for a few days.  I really thought I was coming down with the flu; achiness and so tried I felt I couldn't move, felt dizzy when I stood up... but nope, 48hrs in bed and I was fine again.  Rye was so incredibly sweet, fetching me drinks of water and, bless him, he even made me a get well card and left it on my bedside table, while I slept.
When I wasn't sleeping we played board games - which eased some of "using screen as babysitter" guilt:

And there was a bit of hooky time; tho not a great deal, mostly it sat on my bedside, while I looked and tried to work up the energy to sit up:
After mindee's swimming lesson, I took them to wee park opposite the beach, and Rye, in particular, had a grand time.

We've had film nights, and last night Rye chose the bbc's "The Planets", a documentary that's on Netflix, and loved it; we watched two episodes, he's so keen I think we'll watch another tonight.
That photo is the documentary projected onto my bedroom wall - watching it so big was incredible!
Led to Rye, this morning, painting and drawing various planets.  As this is very clearly a new found interest, I shall take full advantage and festoon him with various resources on space and planets :-)

And of course, the predicted snow, has indeed arrived and we are currently in the middle of a snow storm - which has eased a little, but is expected to pick up more in a few hours.  We have a red weather alert - which does make me smile a wee bit -as we are only expecting about 10cms....
Rye did play out a wee bit this morning, small snowmen, bouncing on the trampoline - but that wind is bitter, bitter, bitter; he lasted about 10 mins, despite his super warm snowsuit, and hasn't wanted to go out since.  He's hoping that by tomorrow there will be plenty of snow to make a really BIG snowman :-)

I hope there is for him, but honestly, I'm so over snow now.  I love snow...but it's Spring, and I yearn for the returning warmth of the sun and sitting out in the garden with a cuppa on a morning....

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Bernardeena said...

That snood is great, I love the colour.