Sunday, 31 March 2013


In between orders I have been designing pentacle hangings.

The Oak Pentacle

A friend will be displaying my pentacles in her shop. **squeee**. I had begun this one with the intention if sending it to her, alas one of the leaves is out of alignment, making it a bit lopsided. So I'll keep this one, plus I've had an idea on how to create the veins of the leaves, so I don't have to see them on.

The next pentacle is a commission; green, I was told, must be green, so green it is. With a few colour highlights to show the green off best.

This is my paper design

And crochet interpretation

Pre blocking and stiffening, I wasn't at all sure about this one, however now it's blocked and bells added, I love it.

Hope the customer does too.

I've also been hooking dread cuffs, as I've had a couple of orders.

Really pleased how these have turned out. The variegated yarn gives a wow factor to plain old double crochet and the spike stitch. I couldn't resist making myself some.

And finally, when I've had a spare moment I've been making motifs and scumbles for my freeform skirt. Some of the motifs are from custom makes that didn't quite work; but will look fab on my skirt

Hoping to get this finished soon... and the big blanket for a friend. Would like that finished by the end if the month.

I am still quite gobsmacked how well my stuff is selling; I've been featured in a treasury on Etsy, Im getting new customers. International customers; America and Australia! All these years I feared selling my work would strip the joy away. How wrong I was, the buzz is incredible!

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rosieposie said...

Next month I am going to treat myself to one of your crochet pentacles, they are fab!