Sunday, 31 March 2013

What's going on then?

Well, life basically.
Nature group was so good the other week, we decided to meet at Poulton Woods Thursday just gone. The uplifted spirits from nature group had dimmed; the seeming never ending biting cold and the flurries of snow driving my natural optimism deep underground. Rye visited his dad for 2 days, I fell Ill and suddenly Poulton Woods was a chore, I didn't want to go, I huffed and puffed to myself, made excuses, and then a friend texted me.

She asked if she could blag a lift to the woods. Damn !
Rye returned from his dads, full of beans, his vibrant self needing fresh air, other children to play with, and nature. Double damn !
His dad inquires in his normal infuriating manner, about Rye's reading, or lack of. Transpires the boy refused to be a performing seal. His dad expects compliance, sigh. I'm irritated and suddenly dogged with "am I failing my son?" worries. Hibernating looking more and more attractive.

Not an option with a boisterous, loud, and BORED, (its happened "bored" has entered his vocabulary - fuck), 6 yr old. Nought for it, strap on the boots, pack lunch, try to constrain child until woods reached.

Yes! The woods were magical, the cold not so biting, signs of spring, children gaily having fun, making friends with a stranger's dog. Beautiful animal, that quickly had the children trained in stick throwing. Making wishes, walking through fairy doors (witchy mama trying not to have kittens - nooo keep away from fairy doors!!!!) , swinging on tyre swing, hugging trees. The trees at Poulton Woods are very huggable. Spirits renewed!

(Noooooo not the fairy door......)

Since Thursday, we've read, crafted, hooked, and spent a fair amount of time on the laptop, playing educational games.

Mama home ed wobbles ease, after Rye figures out what multiples of 10 are, after playing a game online, and with minimal help reads the next bob book relatively easy.

And tomorrow, tomorrow we go to Dover Castle, pray without the hoards, and watch jousting, become a knight etc...

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Fiona said...

Ahh, Jacqui - thanks for the inspiration. I have just added Poulton Woods to the list for our next visit over.

And as for the reading wobbles, remember that in most of Europe children don't even start reading until 7. My almost 6 year old can only manage a few words, and the fact that she can read anything at all is almost considered child abuse (or at the very least pushy parenting) here!

My now 7 year old was a super fluent reader at the same age, just because she is a 'born reader'. Everyone is different, and Rye (and you) are doing fine.