Saturday, 20 April 2013

Change of direction.

Coastal Park with the Home Ed group - well, actually, it was just me and two other families.   The children had a fabulous time; and the adults had a good giggle too!

A rather windy day, the park is pretty sheltered though.

Indeed, being outdoors was so lovely, I decided I would take Rye and minded child to Kearsney Abbey the next day - and better still, my friends joined us.  Alas the weather wasn't as kind; but still we all had a good time.:
 It's such a pretty place, and many different play opportunites - great trees to climb, streams and ponds to paddle in, play parks to enjoy, woodlands etc.  Great place.

 Brrrrrr, seriously, it was NOT warm; yesterday it was about 8 degrees, and it did feel a tad cold - so the kids going in the water really did make me shiver - mind, much warmer than when they went in in January!
 I did, however,  have to insist the children come out after a while, as they were clearly cold!
And then it began to rain.... and soon it was torrential; so the children got wet again - and very muddy. 

This is what I want, getting together with a few friends; and not being the one "in charge", or having any sort of responsibility for a group activity.  Home Ed group is less important to us these days; we've made connections, we have a social circle - and suddenly I'm becoming a Home Ed family that can dip in and out of activities run by HE groups.   I like that - and Rye needs for us to be one of those families too.  He is craving more me time and social interaction; he loves meeting up with his friends, but he also loves it when he has my full attention - which can be difficult when one is self employed too.

Life is changing - I'm finding myself pulled in directions I wasn't expecting in the slightest - and being rather scared I admit, and maybe not quite ready to take certain leaps.  It will be interesting to see where we are in 6 months time!


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sue said...

Go where your heart leads you mama <3