Sunday, 28 April 2013


Full days, meeting friends for walks in woods, wand making, waffle building, garden furniture building and crochet.

Last Thursday gave a sneaky hint of summer - we went to the wood for nature group, looking at tree lore, and making magic wands. The temperatures were hot! Shade was sought, drinks guzzled and plaintive cries to remove shirts because many of the kids were dressed for cooler weather.

No complaints from the adults, we laid among wood anemonies while the children played, ( and whinged a bit). It was truly lovely.

Friday, naturally, it piddled it down and turned decidedly cold. I half wondered why I'd bothered building this:

Ah, but look the sunshine is back, and contemplations of smoke infused sausages linger.

And just in case you're wondering what waffle building is:

Ooh, and you see those little windows in the waffles, Rye actually managed to fly his air rocket through one. Impressed is not the word!

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