Monday, 27 May 2013


The hooky delights have been upon me;

Fortune has shone on me; a lady contacted me to see if I would like to buy tickets off her for the Mercian Gathering in September. I snapped them up. The Mercian has a Sunday market where folks can sell their wares - I plan to make and paint a few bits and see how I do. If my work is popular I will consider a stall at the next one.

A rite of passage. Rye's first tooth came out and the tooth fairy paid a visit. She will be visiting again tonight as Rye pulled the second loose tooth out. He now has an adorable lisp.

A rare photo of me.

Homemade raw "icecream". Just frozen banana and raspberries pressed through my masticating juicer. Seriously tasty!

Supping banana and vanilla hemp milkshake; ripe banana 1/2 cup hulled hemp seed 11/2 cups of water, capful of vanilla extract, ice and blend. Yum! It's creamy, sweet and nutty.

Yesterday, I was struck down with the lurgy, incapacitating me for the entire day. A beautiful sunny day, I slept away. On the positive side, today I feel almost back to my old self, and poor neglected Rye deserved some mama attention. For him that just meant sitting in the garden while he played, listening to his chatter and watching his antics on the trampoline. So I crocheted, and we looked up how fast a plane travels on the iPhone, and then watched you tube videos on how to do cartwheels, and I crocheted some more. Warm sunshine, and enjoying hooky delights - fabulous way to spend a bank holiday Monday.

The blanket is a commissioned piece I want off my hook before the end of June. I'm enjoying the stripey goodness, it's relaxing, zip along hooky, that allows for conversation and responses to the near constant, " watch me, mum" demands. There was one incident. My skin was feeling hot, so I decided to put up the parasol for shade, and it bit me!

Ouch! Luckily it's my yarn holding hand, so while its a little cumbersome, I can still hook away, phew!

As the evening ambled closer, I made mushroom burgers with spiralised salad.

A fire was a natural progression.

And what's a fire without a wee drink...

A spot of pear cider. Mmm.

Inevitably Rye whittered about sleeping in the garden, sorry my sweet, rain is coming. For now, we watch the embers fade, and sleepily wander to bed.

Night, night.
Sweet dreams.
Love you too

Our little night time ritual :-)

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nocton4 said...

Glad you're feeling better, lovely

Susie said...

Oh! I love that picture of you, awesome dreads :-)

Jacqui Futers said...

Me too Denise, I was worried I was getting the flu, thankfully not.

Thanks Susie, I do love my dreads. I'm thinking about taking a few out at the front so I have a long fringe.