Sunday, 2 June 2013

Mostly raw & oops.

What a week! Firstly, my raw / mostly raw recipes.
Just quickly, because I am not 100%raw I use regular chocolate powder, mayonnaise etc.

Hemp milk, banana and cashew butter shake.
Cup of water,
1/2 cup hempseed (I use shelled)
Dollop of cashew but butter (homemade)
1/2 frozen large banana.

Pop in a high powered blender and blitz till creamy smooth.
Filling, creamy and tasty - vanilla extract is optional.

This is just regular porridge made with hemp milk - I throw a handful of hemp seed in the vitamix and add water, blitz and the use as regular milk for porridge. I plan to try out raw porridge and see if Rye likes it. To the above porridge I added bananas after cooking, a little sprinkle of brown molasses sugar and cinnamon (cinnamon regulates insulin production, along with the oats, so despite the sugar and banana this breakfast will not cause a sugar spike)

Banana and strawberry cone. The banana and strawberries are frozen, I just put them through my masticating juicer with the grinding cone in place. Delicious and dairy free alternative to sugar laden icecream - it tastes gorgeous; it's not Mr Whippy, it's better, tastier and healthy!!

Oh my this chocolate coconut ice cream was delicious.
However it was grainy, so next time I'll use coconut butter, which is shredded dried coconut popped in the vitamix and blitzed to creamy smooth texture.
1-1 1/2 frozen banana
Dollop of cashew butter
50g of 80%dark chocolate
Handful dried shredded coconut (recommend coconut butter)
Touch of water.

I added everything to the vitamix and using the Tampa pushed it all down onto the blades. If you don't have a high powered blender, a food processor will suffice.
This tasted like dark Belgian chocolate ice cream, the coconut with the dark chocolate was divine. The cashew butter adds a gorgeous creaminess. Healthy treat, and very filling, Rye and me had this for lunch - it's 5pm now and neither of us are hungry.

By the way cashew butter is simply cashews blitzed in the vitamix, it's suppose to go creamy as the oils release, but I was getting a bit worried as the vitamix was getting very hot, so mine is a grainy butter - I probably didn't have enough cashews in the blender. Nonetheless, yummy, and cashew butter adds a delicious creaminess to dishes.

When not playing with raw recipes, I have been hooking, and playing with natural watercolour accents on my pentacles.

Rye is enjoying horse riding, and starting to gain confidence enough to control his power more, rather than being purely led.

Sigh. Disaster struck on Thursday, narrow country lane, car coming, emergency stop, and sliding on mud and gravel...crunch :-( Thankfully, no one was hurt. First accident in nearly 20 years of driving.

Cheered myself up with hooky goodness, while waiting for a courtesy car that never turned up - short story, garage has cocked up, so hopefully, will now get a courtesy car Monday. Do hope so, suppose to be going camping next week for a few days, which happily coincides with my Birthday - ill be miffed if I'm unable to go!!

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