Friday, 10 May 2013


Life is plodding on, and prodding me rather persistently.
I'm rather holding onto the childminding because I enjoy doing it, and it affords me some protection against the changes the Government is making to the Welfare State, namely the minimum wage income floor they are proposing for anyone self employed in receipt of tax credits.

However, I seem to be pulled away from childminding - contracts are just not happening, which is rather discouraging in itself - in the past I've wondered if it was my dreads or the small lounge that was putting clients off - the recent interview demonstrated to me what it most likely is.... and that is my size, the parent barely managed to hide her shock/surprise/dismay? when I opened the door, and during the interview I could see her looking at me in that way I've come to recognise, of been judged for my weight.   Hopefully be less of an issue soon, in the meantime, the crochet is calling me to more and more.  

I have been ruminating on various ways to increase my income from crochet related ventures - I love creating  well made, colourful pieces, however, I can't physically make enough to earn a living from.  I'm not really interested in writing patterns, although I may consider a few video tutorials.  I do like teaching crochet, I've taught many a person over the years, and it gives me a glow to know that I'm passing on such a versatile and wonderful craft.  So, I've come up with the idea of running 6 weekly courses, initially from my home, in which hooks and materials will be provided as part of the course with which to create a specific item... blankets are always popular, so my first trial course will be that one, in which I will teach 3 people, who do not know how to crochet, or are very new beginners the stitches required to create a beautiful sofa blanket (i.e. approx single bed size).  I very much doubt they will complete the blanket in the 6 weeks, but my hope is I will give beginners the confidence to tackle such a project.  Cake of course will be involved in this venture too.

I will also offer, individual workshops on things like reading patterns (both US and UK terminology), schematics, blocking, freeform crochet etc, I have other ideas churning away too.

Oooh, and a recent make is a Goddess Doll.  I said I would pick someone to create a crochet piece for, that person was picked, and I ruminated for a while on what to make her - the Goddess Doll pretty much created herself and felt perfect :-)
Since making her, I've had ideas for other Goddess dolls, of course it depends on whether time will allow me the luxury of playing with my hook and yarn.  I have owls to finish that were delayed by out of stock yarn, and a blanket that I really want to get off my hook ASAP and to the recipient!  


San said...

Hi Joxy,

I really hope this new venture works out for you and that you.

San xx

nocton4 said...

Hugs lady x