Sunday, 19 May 2013

Ramble Along.

Oooh Dr Who was very good last night, very good indeed.  John Hurt, wow they might just have done it again!

Anyhoos.  It's been a full ole time of late, formulating plans, beginning to put them into place, delving into the world of raw eating, socialising, home education, life!  All good stuff.

 Crafting, drawing and play has been abundent.  Rye wants to make another Tardis for his best friend, who turned four last weekend. :-)  That is the plan for today, as well as visiting Aunty Jen and giving her her birthday gift.
 Rye's first trip to the cinema; we saw Ironman 3, which we both loved.  Afterwards I treated him to Bennys&Frankies.  My purse winced!
 Last Thursday I took Rye and his friends out for the day.  It was a really lovely day.
 Alas he can't do the monkey bars, he tries, but he's not got the upper body strength yet.
 Quick trip to the Rec before taking everyone home.
 Last Saturday Rye tried football.  Initial joy turned to tears and big feelings.   Happily a compromise was negotiated, and he agreed to give football a few more goes... it was football yesterday and he really enjoyed himself.
 Beginning the process of stocking a kitchen that is predominantly catering for raw eating.  Mind, I was somewhat miffed to realise yesterday that Brewers Yeast is not nutritional yeast.  Grrr.
 How I love my spiralizer.  It is a fantastic piece of kit.  Admittedly I could make thin strips on my mandolin (and risk my hand as I cannot find the guard for love or money), the spiralizer makes long curly noodly strips which are so much fun!  I am blown away by how good a substitute spiralized courgette  is for pasta!
 Restocking and increasing colour palette of Stylecraft DK stash.  This makes me happy.  I'm not just hooky mad, I'm a whore for colour ;-)
 Drops have a sale on in May - I couldn't resist!  **cough** several times...  yarn budget this month blown.
 Mmm raw.  I am keeping it simple, and loving it - and those grapes amazing grapes; size of small plums!
 Rye is loving the raw too, he's eating the spiralized veggies, fruit, juices, he's having more cooked food than me.  I am noticing he's not badgering me every two minutes for more food.  Reducing the processed carbs seems to be having a positive affect on him too.
 Initial excitement at winning a giveaway turned to disappointment   Sadly it wasn't wrapped particularly well, so it got broken in the post.
 Rye is enjoying the horse riding.  These pictures of him riding a big animal, thrill me, especially when I think about how terrified he was of dogs and large animals when he was a toddler!
 This Thursday we went down to the Coastal Park with HE friends.  The day before had been cold and murky, that day beautiful.  The kids had a fabulous time, and we met a new HE family, and girls were very excited to have another older girl to hang out with.  Rye showing off for another girl and trying to coax her to leap from the top of the ramp.  Mad children!   It was a mass bike fest too.  I drove down, but parked a way from the Park, and then we cycled the rest of the way, and many of our friends arrived on bikes too.   I confess riding back was HARD!  I rather wished I'd parked a bit closer, still I did it and felt very proud of myself.
 Banana, coconut, mixed seed, raspberry flapjack with no refined added fat or refined sugars.
 Rye chilling, after a full morning of taking mindee swimming and then football, previously mentioned.  While he was occupied I cleaned the kitchen, prepared foods, did laundry... afterwards realising that I'd been stood for about 2 hrs pottering in the kitchen.  Fabulous, considering only a few days before I couldn't stand for more than 5-10 mins because of back ache.  Once again, juicing, eating raw and cutting out refined carbs is doing it for me.  I MUST remember this!!!
 Mmm, marinated mushrooms, oil, vinegar, garlic, oregano and black pepper corns.  Nom, nom, nom!
 Very pleased with this experiment; a lemon and hemp dressing; thick slice of lemon, rind on, handful of hemp seed, 1 garlic clove, tsp of dried oregano, oil, apple vinegar, blitzed in the vitamix.  Nom!  Really lovely
And lemon sherbert juice (apple and lemon juiced).

Life is good.

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Rose said...

inspiring food Jacqui! I have just fund myself on a raw binge too ... my body had had enough cakes, coffee and ciggarettes and was crying out for some proper TLC ... I am reminded how much food affects us and if too many carbs and such make me crabby it must the kids as well ... we all going raw for a while! X