Monday, 20 May 2013


We had a lazy morning ligging in bed, chattering, cuddling, until eventually need for the loo a drink and some food lured us out.
The rest of the day has been a near perfect home education day.

The lounge needed tidying and vacuuming before anything else - so Rye did it all by himself as I pottered in the kitchen - he even vacuumed the hallway and as far up the stairs as he could get the vac. I am amazed at the fantastic job, he is very proud of himself too.

Then we made juices, Rye making his own concoction of grapes, apple, pear and lemon - which was lovely, little too sweet for me, he thought it was fab.

Handwriting practise and copying practise from Writing with Ease book. Very impressed with his efforts, this is pretty much the first time he's done copy work.
We reviewed the first lesson of "Learning to Read" book, stopped for a break and snack, and then onto history, and reviewing what history is and I read to him, the first chapter of Story of the World.
After that we made a start on the family history book:

And finished off with some maths:

We will continue the family history activity and archeological dig activity for the rest of the week before moving on.

Afterwards Rye chilled out watching Top Gear on Netflix, and I made tea.

Delicious veg omelette with tomato and cucumber and raw marinated mushrooms. Nom nom. And Rye had lemon yoghurt for dessert.

Now as its cold, we are about to go upstairs and snuggle in bed, Rye will read the 6th bob book to me, I'll read him a story and then its the countdown to Rye's bedtime and hooky time for me :-)

And to top off such a good day, I've also lost 10lbs since eating mostly raw for just over a week.

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