Thursday, 20 June 2013

Looking forward to Sunday!

 Housework, hanging my wall hangings by Wendy Andrew's, baking and then delivering the 2nd crochet lesson that evening.
 Rye sampling the scones I made... he approved.

Tuesday:  a friend unwell, so I offered to take her kids off her hands so she could go to bed and rest. 
Sandpit play - this is Rye's best friend :-) 

My friend still wasn't feeling terribly well, so I took the kids down to the fountain at the harbour... 

And we met up with friends, and after the fountain, we bribed the kids with icecream so we could take a walk along the harbour to the sandy beach. 

Back to mine for more trampoline and sandpit play, and then pizza for tea
Finally taking the kids back home in time for baths and bed. 

Ooops - squeezed the tomato paste tube too hard and it splurted out of the other end.... sigh. 

A more leisurely start to the day - Rye slept till 10am!  It was then time to get ready for the party!
I painted my nails black, Rye wanted his red - 'cept I do not own red nail polish, so he used paint pens instead.

Rye had a fantastic time, adoring having so many other little boys to have sword fights with
Sigh - no matter that I've kept "weapon" type toys virtually out of the house, seems some things
are just gonna happen when boys get together.  Respect to them though, they were all very good and really rather restrained - there was only the odd yelp.

In between this very busy week, I've also been hooking away during spare moments:
working to complete this blanket by the end of the month:
A star commission  for a little boy's birthday:

And owl's safely arrive at their new home:

Tomorrow, I'm minding, and also taking the children to Manston Airport for an education day.
Saturday Minding again, taking mindee to swimming and then both children to football.  Afternoon probably take Rye down to the harbour again, for the Fish Festival.

Sunday - veg!

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