Saturday, 15 June 2013

Catch up.

Bimbling along.

It was my birthday at the beginning of the month. Went to a friend's house and we camped in her large garden.  First outing of my canvas bell tent, I bought at the end of the camping season last year.  I'm both in love, and ambivalent about it.

Love:  size, sleeping under canvas, romanticism, warmth, quiet, lack of condensation, ease of set up.

Ambivalent:  weight, weight, weight, weight.   The Ultimate 4m bell tent is very heavy!  Worry about the tent getting wet and the weight then!  Tight fit to get the tent back into the bag... narrow straps that felt like they were slicing through my shoulder, as I carried the tent from the car to my friend's garden (a mere minute or so).

I do wonder if paying extra for the extra thick, zippable groundsheet was worth the added weight.  However, it does occur to me that unzipping the groundsheet when the tent does get wet, will make it much easier to dry out, if I have to take it home wet.

The few days camping was lovely, the weather was very kind, tad windy (so nice not to be kept awake by flapping polyester!), the kids had a lovely time.  I would very much like to take Rye off somewhere for a few nights more, but goodness camping costs have become rather pricey!   Especially when one adds in diesel, food.... I feel any more than £10 per night, especially for basic campsites is taking the piss.

The accident has meant of course that June has been steadfastly at home.  I've had to bow out of a few trips and reorganise another because of a large insurance excess.  I'm willing July to arrive, so we have a bit more freedom.

June has also seen the start of my crochet course, I think it going well, although not really much of a take up, but then one can go along to the local stitch and bitch group and learn for free... I tried to make it attractive by adding  yarn and hooks, not to mention cake...... I dunno, we'll see, I've been asked about shorter one off workshops, so I'll probably do that and see how it goes.

I'm very pleased with how the kingsize granny stripe is coming along:
Should be completed by the end of the month.  I have had to restructure my pricing though.  Too cheap for the sheer amount of work such a large blanket requires, and yarn prices have increased too:  so going forth my blankets (if bought direct, slightly more via Etsy to cover the fees):

King:  £95+pp
Double:  £85+pp
Singles £70+pp
toddler bed/ cot size:  £45 +pp
Baby Blanket £35+pp

Those prices are for stylecraft special DK yarn, other yarns will be need to be repriced.

And the other news is my ex has a fiancee - again.  Apparently, a date is set, we'll see, he is a bit of a serial proposer.  I am exceedingly miffed at his lack of forethought; he is currently in Wales with our son, who is taking part in his Aunt's wedding.  A few days before the wedding my ex texted me to announce he had decided to introduce Rye to his new fiancee and her 10yr old son at the wedding, and that Rye would share a tent with them all.  Frankly, I did my nut.

The sheer lack of thought for his son, pisses me off mightily.  Introductions should have been made BEFORE this camping trip - before they would all be sharing a tent.  I just hope it has gone ok, and Rye is having a good time, and if it hasn't, well my ex will have to deal with the consequences of his thoughtlessness.

Right, hooky time now, trying to keep myself distracted.  The campsite where my ex and son is, does not have phone signal, and so I'm keeping myself occupied, so that I still have fingers left for when he comes home tomorrow.


Frugal Mum said...

I would be royally pissed about the intro to the new lady in your ex's life. I found out about my ex's new girl when my son who was 4 at the time came home from a visit to tell me daddy's friend has a baby in her tummy, not only did I find out he was havign a baby, but that he had introduced my son to her and never told me, and have him not tell me grrrrr


Fay Gibson said...

You don't charge enough for your work! Be bold! BEAUTIFUL work. We are going camping soon and yes, the prices are shocking! 3 children, 2 adults and a dog - £25 per night. eeeeeek!!!!

Jacqui Futers said...

Ooh very dangerous thing to be doing with a child - I mean really you do not want a child to be keeping secrets - certainly not such a young child, and not from a parent. Sometimes I despair.

Jacqui Futers said...

I doubt folks would pay more for an acrylic blanket, Hun.
Ouch, camping prices really are steep - bugs me when they charge per pitch as well as per person. I'm looking at taking Rye down to the new forest for 3 nights to a site with no toilets or showers and its nearly £15 a night! Just crazy! Pity the campsite where peak camp is held isn't a bit closer, that was about £3.5 a night! Anyhoos, fingers crossed the weather is good for you.