Monday, 29 July 2013

TAAAADAAAAHHH - Giveaway Owls.

I am so excited to show off the owls.  I love hooking these little fellas, so cute and colourful!  I really must find the time to hook myself a few!

I tend to use cotton, although I have mixed in a little charity shop yarn this time - which from the feel I'd say is acrylic.  A rather 70's looking yarn, cream with light brown flecks, I've had this yarn forever, it's not really me except in that I'm a yarn addict, and seeing a large ball of yarn sitting all lonesome in the charity shop, just tugged at me, and well, I had to buy it!  Please tell me I'm not the only one who can't resist?

Oooh, and check out   The Woolwarehouse  too, Drops Cotton Light is massively reduced to 90p per 50g ball.  The colours are lovely, the texture is a little strange, very fibrous; good for decorative pieces, I personally wouldn't hook wearables in this yarn... it is also very, very splitty, so probably best for more experienced hookers.  Still, at 90p for 50gs of cotton is not to be sniffed at!

The pattern for these owls is from an wonderful designer, Marken, from the etsy shop The Hat & I
Do email me if you would like me to hook any of those designs, would be my pleasure.
Anyhoos, hahaha, sorry, back to owls.  The beauty of this pattern is how portable it is.   I can go visit a friend, and we can both hook away, natter, drink tea.. wonderful!

 It occured to me this time that hot gluing the owl eyes and beaks on would speed up the putting together process.  Gosh did it ever!  Even if there was the occasional owl eye glued to thumb, and a wee bit of cussing as hands flapped trying to get the very, very hot glue off tender skin!  Oooh ouch, t'was painful!

Anyway, ready to see the finished wall hangings?  They are a bit gorgeous, even if I do say so myself.

I shall wander down to the local post office this afternoon and get these beauties posted off to their new owners.  It still thrills me, the thought of my creations adorning folks' homes.  Wonderful!

4 Owl wall hangings are £14+pp

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dawn rose said...

Thanks very much for the beautiful owls they arrived when i was on holiday so i had a lovely suprise to come home too. they now hang proudly in my hall. x