Monday, 29 July 2013


Woohoo, another taaadaah post.

I finished the blanket last week, a few courier-ing issues meant my friend and customer did not receive her blanket till today... but now finally, I can do the reveal!

This blanket was a biggie - 170x180cm, approximately 19 different colours, and weighing almost 2kg.
It was a pleasure to make, although I admit the edging stripes did begin to feel like a chore - the end result is more than worth it - love, love, love this blanket, rather wanted it for myself!

Ready.... ok here goes:

Sooo pretty, and the last large blanket I'll hook for quite a while.  I have lots of ideas I want to create, and blankets that size require a large chunk of time!  Feels good to finish my blanket making for the time being, on such a high note :-)


arwen_tiw said...

It's just beautiful. Gorgeous work as always!

Jacq Futers said...

Thank you :-)

I am very grannystriped out at the moment. LOL Enjoying hooking motifs and playing with new designs.