Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Exploratory Holiday.

Liverpool was brilliant.  We didn't explore as such, as this visit was all about getting to know the members of the co-op, although one day we did go to the beach.  Such a lovely beach, with fabulously high sand dunes to slide down!

Rye loved it all, and did not want to leave, constantly asking me when we would be back....I can answer him now; mid October.  Lots to do, but oh so exciting!

 I particularly loved the fairly deep (certainly deep for Rye to swim) pools that formed - these will be a great asset for Rye gaining confidence to swim in the sea.
 The sand dunes were a big hit, the girls and Rye all sliding or running down, and then climbing back up, while my friend and I sat and chatted.  It was a very pleasant few hours indeed.
(Sorry no photos of the house.)

After Liverpool, we drove to Hebden Bridge; my sat nav, continuing in it's quest to give me a heart attack.  I've really being down South a long time, I'd truly forgotten how steep and hair raising the roads in the Pennines are.  By the time I reached the campsite, I was shaking - tiny roads next to sheer drops, 90 degree bends, that felt vertical - certainly the road to R's house felt vertical, I was on the verge of a panic attack at one point because it truly felt like the car was going to tip over backwards, the road was sooooooooo steep; thankfully, sat nav told me to turn off, just in time!

I really wish my sat nav had a "follow main routes" option!  The general "fastest route" recommended option seems to constantly take me down stupid little roads that are a nightmare to drive, and honestly I fail to see how THAT is  faster than following the much more civilized main roads to both the campsite AND R's house!!!  (or anywhere else for that matter!)

Hebden Bridge Campsite is a sweet little campsite right next to a pub and the road.  It's really a walkers, stop overnight or two type of campsite, although to my surprise there were a few families that pitched up on the Friday.  It's quite a cheap campsite too, if one has a small tent, however, large tents beware, I was charged a supplement of £10 pn, so it made for a very expensive basic campsite.
Trying out our new camp bed, so nice not to sleep on the floor!
Still it served our purpose, and it was a nice clean campsite, with very friendly campers, plus campfires were allowed.  (although not everyone has common sense, my "neighbours" were squeezed in next to me, and bugger me, they had a fire right next to my tent!)  I will probably use again when visiting Rye's family... though I may check out the C&CC site nearer to R's house next time.

Rye wasn't very well Friday, in the afternoon, he feel asleep on me at R's house, and then suddenly woke up and started puking.  Poor thing, thankfully, that was it puking wise, although he did develop a bit of diahorrea that did require a few changes, because the toilet is a few minutes from the camping field.  Thankfully, that passed pretty quickly too, and we simply curled up on our new camp bed - Rye played on my Ipad and I read a book.  Illness aside, it was really pleasant.

Next day the owner told me there was no rush to pack up and take my time, so I did, which meant, despite the rain and then morning dew, the tent was dry when I packed it away.. and very proud of myself, first time I tried to pack away the tent it was a bit of a fight to get it to go back in the bag.  This time it was a breeze.   I do have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this tent.  When I struggle to pick it up.. I find myself feeling rather negative about the tent - gosh the ultimate really does weight a LOT, then I pitch up and get inside and I fall back in love all over again.  It is soooooooooo easy, despite the weight, to set up and take down, and wow it is such a pleasure to sleep under.

Anyway, a leisurely packing, and then a drive home; which took approx 6hrs, far better than the drive up which took over 8 hours.  The downside to arriving home, is Rye puked again that night, and I then started with this tummy bug - diahorrea for me, not puking.  I had been treating with slippery elm bark; but when I started again at 1am last night, I just couldn't cope with another sleepless night on the loo, so I popped to the garage and bought some medicine - slowed it down that I managed to get a few hours kip between episodes.

Ooh, and look at this lovely colouring in Rye did while I was laid up:

This is the first time I've seen him take such care to stay in the lines - and to be so colourful too - he often only uses one colour at a time.  I so wish I'd taken a photo of his superheroes outfit he made, too.  He used glittery self sticking foam sheets to create a face mask and super hero trunks... which he also stuck tissue paper to, creating a kind of half skirt, and then using his red mamapixie red cloak as his super hero cape.... bless him, very creative and very funny!

Right bedtime :-)
Night night.


arwen_tiw said...

Oh oh wow, exciting, big changes! And even more reasons for us to come visit. ;) xx

San said...

Finally catching up with you. Hope the planning and packing goes well, you never know we might be able to meet up with you once you are settled.


Mama Pixie said...

Lovely to hear the cloak is still loved!

MamaPixie, x