Thursday, 1 August 2013

TAAADDAAAAAH - Sweet little owl mirror.

The mirror was find many moons ago; originally I planned to paint a design on the wood.  The other week I came across the mirror again and I began to think of ways I could prettify it using crochet..and then last night I was looking at the pink owl, puff!  An idea was formed.

I probably should have drawn it out first, but honestly, I'm a crack straight on kind of person, and this was the perfect project to hook while watching Midsommer Murders on Netflix.  As I watched DCI Barnaby solve murder, I hooked away producing leaves and little white flowers.

Ooh the flowers I particularly was excited about; as I'd recently bought lots and lots of different stamens from Ebay, and they are so cute, a wee bit fiddly to use, but some nifty stitching and trusty hot glue gun and woohoo, soon I had flowers with  pretty centres too!

The seller added a few wee glittery, shimmery butterflies to my order too, well I couldn't resist, I added a wee one, which has given me another idea for a beautiful butterfly and flower freeform piece.  That one I may sketch out, mainly so I don't forgot it, so many hooky projects, just not enough time!

Anyhoos, here is my Sweet Little Owl Mirror - TAAAADAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

The owl pattern is from Marken at The Hat & I  the tree branches, leaves and flowers are my own design.  
Let me know if you'd like to me share how I make the leaves and flowers and I'll try and do a photo tutorial.

Oooh and today is Lughnasadh; I'm about to pootle off and make  Lughnasadh bread with Rye and some yarn "corn" dollies :-)

Blessings my lovelies.


Catherine said...

I am a regular reader, but first time commenter, I LOVE owls, I believe they are my spirit guides. Do you or would you consider doing a custom order for crocheted owl bunting? xxxx Much love, Cat xx

Jacq Futers said...

It would be my pleasure :-)

Either drop me an email at or click on the my etsy shop link in the bar on the right, and you can send me an order request, including the colour scheme you'd like.

Catherine said...

Excellent. Thank you, I will email you tomorrow. xxx :)