Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ginny's Yarn Along.

It's been a while since I joined in Ginny's Yarn Along and I thought it's about time I started regularly sharing again.  I tend to listen to audio books while hooking away.  I'm currently listening to A Classical Education by Caroline Taggart, and when I fancy a bit of none thinking listening, Dan Brown's Inferno.   I don't actually recommend Caroline Taggart, as there are historical errors and honestly it's a bit feeble..but hey, it's something to listen to, and shake my head at when I hear yet another historical date mistake!  For example she claims Homer was 9BC, when it's accepted it's 8BC, and she gets in a muddle about Athens' empire.

Dan Brown's Inferno.. well, it's easy reading.  I'm not a huge fan of Dan Brown as he just rehashes stories without originality... but it was a free book on audio, and well, the reference to Dante was bound to draw me, as I love Dante, and the art and literature inspired by Dante.  I confess I am quite enjoying listening, despite my personal feelings about the Author.

As for the hooking, this is a lightshade I'm making for my lounge.  I had one of those globe paper ones, but it's got ripped and ruined over the years, so I'm using the metal guts to make a new crochet one - in freeform.

I need to pin this out, as I plan to incorporate Irish Crochet technique for joining the circle motifs.  Then after that I'll add a "row" of squares, and then mixed motifs, paisley, flowers, spirals.  I want this to be gloriously colourful, bohemian and well, over the top fantastic :-)

And if it I like the end result, I shall make a few for Hooky Delights


Mistea said...

Ooh much more fun than a paper globe.
Pretty colours.

Hannah@HomeBaked said...

Great idea with the lampshade! I have a couple of those 1920's style frames that were in the house when we moved in that need something just like this.

Jacq Futers said...

Thanks Mistea :-)

Yes I've got quite a few of them too, Hannah, I don't know why it didn't occur to me to prettify before now!

The yarns I'm using are sumptuous too, mini skeins of sock yarn from The Natural Dye Studio mixed with a little Drops Egyptian cotton. The lustre on the yarns is lush.