Wednesday, 9 April 2014



Oops, its been a while again hasn't it.  Sorry, I've really got out of the habit of blogging of late, I do miss it so I need to get back into the habit.

So anyway, shall I get on, eh :-)

Lots of hooky delights, these are my latest finished items:
Oooh, Eco-Create have gone live; a fantastic one stop market place for ethical arts and crafts items from UK sellers.  Check it out, there is a good range of beautiful makes.  My wee shop on there is here

In between life, crochet... I've been browsing, or should that be drooling over the awesomeness of Pinterest on my boards there is crochet, techniques, inspirations, art, home education, food, a couple of WTF?  Love Pinterest it is a fabulous visual feast.

Here's a few of my favourite pins:
Designed by By Hook, By Hand 

I rather love this Elf doll too:
You can buy her from here

This Bolero:

Which is a Drops Design available on Ravelry

I adore Pinterest too because, despite hooking for 30 odd years, there's still new tricks to be had; including this very neat trick for finishing of amigurumi:

Instructions for invisible decreases and the "Ultimate Amigurumi Finish" here

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