Friday, 28 February 2014

Sneaky peaks.

Oooh, spring is in the air! The past couple of days there's been a distinct warmth to the sunshine, birds excitedly chirping, and laundry drying on the line! (Major thing when the household consists of 10 adults and 8 kids!!!)

Spring is naturally a time of vigor, creativity, and stirrings of new life, and boy, have I've been busy!

New dread wraps /cute scarves, just need to fringe and add bead decoration, then I'll take photos.

New fitted wrist warmers, the first pair are child size - yes I booboob, and made a tad smaller than intended:

Aren't they cute! I love the touch of lace at the end, and these are longer length too, personally I prefer wrist warmers that are nice and long. This yarn, is the superb James C Brett chunky marble, a premium acrylic that washes beautifully, and if gently tumbled becomes even softer.

So, anyway, after these, I was on a wristwarmer curve, and designed these ones:

So another fitted warmer, this time with ribbing, leading to the lovely woven stitch, and again shaping at the wrist, finished off with granny clusters and picots. And guess what.... YES! I remembered to make notes! Especially excellent because my creative mind is all over the shop at the mo, and I've yet to make the partner to create the pair. Ooh, and again James C Brett Chunky Marble. I'm considering wrist cuffs,as above, without the ribbing and hooked in 4ply, so a lighter, more spring like cuff. Do you like that idea?

Anyway, creative mind jumping around, yup I moved onto the night light. I am ridiculously happy with this, felting the walls, as suggested by my house mate, was inspired! So much easier to embroider onto, sew beads and gem chips onto and looks super! It's not quite finished yet, so more sneaky peaks...

This particular Gnome House night light is already sold, never fear, another is in production. These gnome houses are just so much fun to make, plus I'm learning new skills, embroidery, and general sewing. And oh my gosh felted fabric, the windows in the felting process had shrunk too much. With fearful hands, and a held breath I cut them bigger.... And it was fine. Very handy because the cut out bits can be used to strengthen the walls.

My next thought is I have corks.... Hook wee hats and the corks could become wee gnomes. And while these are night lights, so very obviously multi use, season table, imaginative play, containers, so perhaps accompanying gnomes would be cute.

Anyhoos, that's the sneaky peak - once the makes are properly finished I'll take better photos.

Oooh by the way, I took photos for a wee photo tutorial on how I weave in tail ends for a crochet newbie, but I was thinking of writing it up and posting on here, maybe it becoming a regular thing? Let me know what you think.


K, tis late and my lovely warm bed is seductively calling me, so toodle pip.


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