Sunday, 20 July 2014


I've been pondering decorations to make for Samhain/Halloween, and wow look at these fab Samhain trees - very tempted to get the Yule Tree out and do something similar at Samhain

Pinterest is just fabulous for inspiration!

I really love this tree too.

I'm really looking forward to sharing more of Samhain lore with Rye this year. I really do love the festivals that welcome in the darker nights.


Samhain is also when I remember my parents and brothers that have passed. I have a mental block and simply could not tell you when they died or when their funerals were. So, at Samhain I create a family alter with pictures, the few precious items I have, and writing memories down, which later I burn. It's a fitting time to remember my passed family and acknowledge the void. This memorial has always being intensely private, this year I'll share it with Rye; he never met my parents or Richard and Peter, though he did come to Peter's funeral with me. I don't really talk much about them, and this will be a good time to share stories with Rye and show him the few photos I have.



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