Friday, 15 August 2014

Puzzle piece CAL

So, if you follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, tumblr, twitter, G+, Instagram! you will know I am currently up to my hooks in these fellas;

The first bunch have been sent. My hook needed a change, something easy to pick up and down as orders demand...

I joined Dada Neon Crochet's puzzle piece CAL. I'm woefully behind most people, though only because it started 13weeks ago. Not to worry, I'll play catch up. To that end, I've created two pieces. The first was a simple circle motif in which yarn, colour and textures changed, this first motif ended up reminding me of a butterfly, so I added antannae.

The next suggestion was drawing around the hand and creating a life size replica. I decide to free crochet my hand, and began with a spiral motif that I then squared off a bit, and began adding a thumb and fingers. After that came a colour change, well, as this puzzle piece will create a blanket, I'm using a lot of my hand dyed stash, as well as the novelty yarns, and scraps.

This is my puzzle piece so far:

Once I've completed a few more suggestions I'll show it off again, and hey, why not join in? Freeform crochet, is essentially painting with yarn, and while freeform can have avery distinctive look with the preponderance of spirals, bullion stitches and bobbles - it is by no means restricted to those motifs and stitches, for example:

This piece was inspired by The Magician's Nephew and created by Frances Covey

Isn't it beautiful!


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