Saturday, 16 August 2014

Bits and bobs

It's rare I crochet for myself these days, partly because of the time factor, when order hooky is complete, I am usually testing out ideas for new designs, or creating stock.

So WIP's for me are few, and are often assigned to the back burner - one almost complete item is my elf hood poncho:

Few more rounds on the hood, and a few on the poncho - decided I'd like it longer; and then it's finished!

I had a sudden urge to embellish a rather boring skater style tunic the other day. Recycled silk sari yarn met large wooden hook, and a simple, but I think effective motif was born.

I may add further decoration, although I do like simplicity of this, so dunno, maybe? All rather depends on the next bout of whimsy, I suppose.


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