Friday, 25 September 2015

Friday - Money, money, money.

Rye began the Singapore Math curriculum today.  He's probably on Level 4, but the advice is to start a level lower if the child isn't familiar with Singapore math methods, so I've bought the level 3 books.
Irritatingly, the parcel split and the first half of curriculum was lost, I'm still waiting on Maths No Problem to resolve this issue.  Frankly, they can chase Parcel Force for the pennies back for the shabby service, I still expect to receive the first half of the curriculum; I bought the books from them not parcel force!   So in the meantime, I've started Rye on the 2nd part of the curriculum, which is "money".  While the actual sums are a bit easy for him; it is good mental arithmetic practice, writing money in the correct numerical format, and of course reading too.    Gawd he doesn't half faff though.  I was beginning to get really irritated with the constant pencil tapping, waving, fidgeting, and telling stories that counting the various amounts of money reminded him of.
I must remember in future to ensure there is music playing, and have some manipulative available, as these things all seem to help him concentrate on the task.
The only aspect of the math work he did find difficult was remembering how to write the numbers.  I think it will be worth reviewing writing numbers in his grid math book before each math lesson.  It took an excruciatingly long time to complete the 2 pages in his work book, and it was because he couldn't remember how the numbers were written - well along with his constant faffing too.

After the break, I sent Rye to get a book from his room to read to me.  He chose "Rosie goes for a walk".  A good choice, while there were a number of word he struggled with, he made a good effort.  Definitely need to work on diagraphs with him, I'll have to think of some games to help cement the sounds in his mind.
 And finally, I read to Rye about Electricity in preparation for our Science Club on the 1st October.  This is a good little book, tells the history of Electricity, while then going on to explain what Electricity is and how it's made.  I did ask Rye to read a bit of it too, while its above his current level, there were plenty of words he could read, and again, it's another opportunity to remind him that he can use the phonemes, and introduce him to diagraphs.

Oooh and Fiddlesticks, great little game; simply use the lolly pop sticks and write sight words on on end of the sticks; and on one end of the sticks put a red dot.  The sticks go into a cup or tub with the stick (or a few sticks) with the dot on it bottom down in the tub.  Then the players take turns pulling out a stick and reading the word.  If read correctly they keep the stick - but if anyone gets the dot, then all their sticks have to go back in the pot.  After ten minutes the winner is the one with the most sticks.   Rye loves this game, because despite playing with me, the red dots give him a chance of winning too, and he loves it when I get a red dot and have to put all my sticks back, the rotter!

The rest of the day has been taken up with playing skoolbo - which has gone a bit weird, speaking too fast and the games ending before he has a chance to respond - so attempting to re-download it again.  Rye also spent some time watching cartoons - I like Netflix because it automatically puts the subtitles on, yet more exposure to the written word!
He also helped me with the clearing of a room in preparation for the work weekend.
Busy and productive day.

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