Monday, 28 September 2015

Work Weekend

This weekend is what we, here in the co-op call a "Work Weekend", we currently are on winter preparation and getting ready to host a large Radical Routes Gathering in November, (gulp).  So the jobs we set were windows and the metal access ramp to the garden.

Saturday was a late start as nearly everyone was busy Saturday morning, so we met at 11am for coffee and I made raspberry pastry - which is the easiest thing ever, and so tasty:

Puff pastry
punnet or two of raspberries
touch of sugar
scrapping of marg/butter.

Roll out the pastry, cover with a thin layer of marg or butter - I used marg as the co-op is vegan.  Sprinkle with a little sugar (I used coconut sugar because it adds a lovely burnt caramel note).  The with a sharp knife cut a rectangle, about 2cm from the edge, tumble the raspberries inside the rectangle, sprinkle with a touch more sugar and pop in an oven at 200 degrees for 20 or so minutes until the pastry is puffed up and golden and the raspberries ouzing.  Slice and serve with cream (I used oat cream).  Yum, yum!  Goes very nicely with a pot of real coffee!

After that I volunteered for the ramp team.  I scrubbled the ramp with a metal brush for about an hour, but that was me done.  Dodgy knees have a lot to answer for - even sitting on the ground, or in this case the ramp, means they start to hurt after a while.  Kept A company in the kitchen for a bit, and then helped another housemate with a quick job, before retiring to my rooms and collapsing.

Mainly because I'd been awake most of  the night before with horrible nightmares and just plain weird ass dreams.  There's a few things on my mind, and I suspect my subconscious is delighting in tormenting me.

Rye took full advantage of the freedom to play with friends, use screens and chill.

Sunday, I decided I'd be more use in the kitchen, so I washed up and cooked dinner; stew with vegan yorkshire puds that failed to rise.  I'm going to have to admit defeat and measure.  I NEVER measure, I usually have an excellent eye for baking etc... vegan cooking is more precise I guess; the chemical reactions required to simulate the leavening abilities of eggs demands a bit more precision than my eye.  And afterwards we had foraged blackberry and apple crumble with oat cream.  Happily Rye loved apple and blackberry - he's been saying of late he doesn't like apple crumble - shock, horror!

As for the ramp - its coming along nicely; and the mystery coloured paint that was bought turned out to be green - yay!  No more ugly black railings!  There was a fear it was too rusted to save, but nah, it's fine so long we look after it from now on and don't let it get any worst.

Oooh other news, can't remember if I said or not - I have bought a log burner for my rooms.  One of my housemates has opened up the chimney that services my rooms.  I'm so excited, a real fire, I've not lived in a house with a real fire since I was a kid, and while the log burner downstairs in our communal living space is wonderful - to be able to snuggle on my own sofa and fire watch - bliss, oooh and to be warm - 2 years without heating, this year I'm looking forward to winter!  I hope it snows... so we can get cold and wet playing in the snow, then come in to a lovely warm fire, fire toasted crumpets and hot chocolate....***daydreaming***  My witchy side is very excited too - an actual hearth!

Work weekends also provide opportunities to involve Rye in communal work,  I do like him to be involved - after all ours is a community and we rely on each other to ensure the house is maintained etc.  He helped A clear out the garden room of boxes, flatten them and pop them in the recycling room.  He and the other boys did also use some of the boxes to make "box armour"  Very cool.  Later on after dinner, he helped feed the animals too.

I have mixed feelings about work weekends; limited mobility means I'm also limited in what I can do to help, so guilt there; and while I often end up in the kitchen and compensate by cooking lovely food - I do sometimes feel a bit left out from the weekend, as obviously, whomever is in the kitchen providing food and cake is on their own...and it can be a bit lonely.  There again, that's what community is about, each contributing to their strengths.

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