Monday, 21 September 2015


Ahhh happier.  My boy is home.
Our home ed life is being questioned and judged harshly and it's just so unfair on Rye.
He works so hard, bless him, reading is not at all easy for him, I see the struggles every day, and I see the progress, slow to be sure;  but last year Rye could not identify sounds in a word, and phonics completely went over his head.  Today, he was successfully completing spelling of words on Literacy Planet by just listening to the word and hearing the sounds of the letters that made up the words.  Yes he was a bit stumped by the more difficult words - but he did hear the main sounds, now we work again on blended sounds, continue with spelling lists, reading out loud and playing reading games - he is getting there and lately I've witnessed greater confidence and increased ability; I'm expecting that "Eurkea!" moment to happen any time for him.

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