Wednesday, 23 September 2015


A gentle day enjoying the Autumn sunshine, soaking up vitamin D.  I am still very weak from the flu and tire easily.

Literacy Planet continues to be popular, I've popped Rye back a level so he is practicing listening to letter sounds in words- his progress in this area is wonderful and exciting because this is a skill that will enable real progress towards reading fluently.

We socialised with friends, and Rye spotted the large brown fungus that is so prevalent at this time of the year, and tend to grown in clusters on grass, and hedges.  So we are going to go out with our mushroom guidebooks and see if we can identify what we find.

The Singapore math books almost arrived.  I say "almost" because the envelope was split and only the 3B books were in there.  Maths No Problem said that Parcel Force is investigating - I'm not happy, because without the 3A books, I only have half a math curriculum - and it wasn't cheap either! "Investigating" to me sounds like stonewalling.

Pre dinner - Rye spent ages making rockets and space ships to play in from various boxes; it was wonderful to watch him being so creative, and problem solving.  He was so sweet with the 3yr old, and included her in the play, let her be the pilot and consulted her on design improvements.

After dinner Rye read to me, and then I read another chapter of the Goblet of Fire to him.  I will be very glad when we've finished that book, really want to read the Frost Giants, Wild Fang and other stories to him.

An upside of the Autumn nights is my boy comes back to the flat earlier and we can enjoy lots of snuggles, reading  books to each other and chatting.

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