Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Warmth of Denial.

If you follow me on social media, you will have seen the photos I've been sharing of the shawl I hooked specifically for an Exhibition in January by Ecocreate.  It's all submitted now, so now I wait to find out if it gets selected.

If you haven't seen the shawl - here are photos showing it's progression.  I do still have the ends to sew in, and finish the edging off.  This shawl is also the largest freeform project I've hooked to date... and I loved doing it.  So, I now have lots of ideas swirling around my head for new shawls.  I'm also happy to consider commissions, as always :D

I really like the idea of a Cerwiden Shawl, made in time for Samhain.  I shall be sketching later some ideas :D

Anyway here's Warmth of Denial - hooked in response to the brief "Time or Tide waits for no man", submissions are to be related to climate change, and use materials/techniques that are in keeping with Ecocreate's ethos.

The shawl is largely made from indie dyed animal based yarns, a little hand spun, some left over yarns I've bought from charity shops and also used some novelty yarn I have in my stash.  I've also incorporated the lids from plastic bottles, beer bottles and tetra packs into the piece.

I make functional art, hence the shawl.  We wrap ourselves in shawls to keep warm, in this case we are wrapping ourselves in denial about climate change, the melting icecaps, the abundance of our seas, which we plunder at an unsustainable rate, which, if left unchecked will lead to our seas being barren...

The shawl is so big, I had to work in our communal living room because it didn't fit in my work area in my rooms.

Shawl hanging in our Events Room.

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