Thursday, 1 December 2016

1 December 2017.

Oops, December has snuck up on me!  
Currently, I am having a big shift around and clutter sort...and not quite finished, plus busy preparing for a few Christmas Markets for BytheCrookofmyHook,  so no Yule tree to decorate, nor have I yet sat down to sort out our Yule countdown activities.  

So, sorry, no fun Yuletide activity to report today... 
I can leave you with a couple of photos, yarn club and other yarn I bought that I will turn into amazing things soon:

And a few photos I took of the climate change shawl, around the mannequin - which should have arrived at the Gallery today...but the ends!

  I remember now why I decided to leave the ends as a part of the shawl, though it does look more polished with them sewn in.  TWO days I've been sewing them in.   Well when I say days, I do mean evenings, after I've finished doing other things that need doing too...I really ought to stop leaving everything to the very last minute.  I'm 42 though..not sure that's really gonna ever change!

Anyway - better go.. more ends to sew in (seriously the "wrong" side looked furry there was so many!) the shawl absolutely must be posted tomorrow!

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