Friday, 31 October 2008

Arty Farty.

I couldn't resist I popped into Pound Stretchers and picked up some wool to play with, and this is what I've been crocheting:

I think I'll just keep going and make myself a nice snuggly scarf. I've made it quite wide so that when the little 'un is on my back it will support his neck when he falls asleep - and if very cold, even cover his head to help keep him warm.

I get the feeling my Autumn painting will get put on the backburner while I'm in the throes of crocheting fever.

So just to remind myself of how much I like painting - AND the one I'm working on at the mo is suppose to be a painting for the new house - plus a portrait of my son (a pseudo Green Man painting using the little 'un) is the Green Man I painted a while back - I gave it to an auction to help raise money for a forum I used a lot back then. I was flabberghast that it raised £50!


nocton4 said...

that is one amazing painting
lovely blog too

mama4 from gp forum

Joxy said...

aww thanks :-)